• Akshay M

    Akshay has a good experience in the Human resource industry, and he knows alot about career building in different industries. Akshay spends a lot of his time in studying different industries, so that he could help young generation in best possible way to build their career in best suited industry.
  • Alicia larocca

    Alicia larocca, is helping News AKMI with her vast experience in Entertainment domain, She is lady who provides us the trending and latest articles on Hollywood, Celebrity News, and Movie Reviews here on
  • christopher jonot

    christopher jonot, was a Sports man in his college time, he has a good knowledge in sports and gaming industry. He is very much known to NFL, NHL, NBA, MBA and Soccer as well, he Provides us good and knowledgeable articles on sports in US and the World.
  • Elvis Antonucci

    Elvis Antonucci, is Expert in the Automobile Industry, He is in the Industry from his college time, he provides the articles on Bikes, Cars and Trucks, he also gives the users and readers the reviews on different automobile products, he used to spend his maximum of time in testing new bikes and cars, for the best reviews for our readers.
  • Julie Mcmahon

    Julie Mcmahon is Graduated in honours, She is Expert in the Fields of Politics, and US Economy.
  • Kamogelo Dlamini

    Kamogelo Dlamini is from Cape Town, South Africa. He is well knowledgeable and he is associated with News Akmi for the South Africaa News Articles and African continent news articles. He delivers most of his time in finding the best and productive articles for the readers of News AKMI based in USA and Africa.
  • Karl Daniel

    Karl Daniel, is associated with News AKMI from long back, and he is from finance back ground, he completed his studies from finance only and he provides us the latest updates on all the useful information in the Banking Industry. He is also very much expert in personal finance topics.
  • Lesley Kruger

    Lesley Kruger, is expert in providing us the articles on Health and fitness, she also runs her personal Fitness centre , she in the Author and the trainer also, she writes the most useful articles on health and fitness topics, for our young and as well as other ages groups.
  • Linda Owens

    Linda Owens, Specialised for the Food and drinks products, She had an experience of around 7 years in food Industry, Linda is supporting News AKMI from last 3 years, and providing us the knowledgeable articles on Food and Drinks.
  • Lynzie Montague

    Lynzie Montague, is a Expert in Fashion Domain, She has a vast experience in Life style and Fashion Domain, She had provided huge volume of articles on Fashion and life-style to News AKMI.
  • Sierra Mitchell

    Sierra Mitchell, expert for the Science Articles, She from the science and technology background, and she is supporting News AKMI from long.
  • Steve Johnson

    Steve Johnson, is graduated from honours, and he is expert in providing the articles on Education and education system. He used to spend his time in the different libraries so that he can provide the readers of News AKMI the best and fruitful articles on education.
  • Victoria Bass

    Victoria Bass, is graduated from media and communication, and she is well expert in the field of entertainment, she provides us the trending and latest articles on Music News, TV News, and other related Topics.
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