Bike Industry Standards on Trial: Worthy Innovation or Marketing Hype? (Part 1)

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In this series, we take a look at bike industry standards that have materialized over the years and ask: are they worthy innovations or marketing hype? In our first of three videos, we cover half a dozen topics pertaining to hub spacing, wheel sizes, and tire widths. Watch the video and find the corresponding results from our reader survey here…

Many folks think mountain bikes were absolutely fine the way they were back in the heyday of the 90s. Some even think those bikes are essentially the same as modern gravel bikes. We get that comment quite often here on the website when we announce a new bike: isn’t this just like a mountain bike from the 90s? Those bikes were great, and there are some similarities, but as you know, there’s also a lot of specs and tech under the hood that’s completely different on new bikes. Some of these transformations have changed bikes for the better, and others are questionable.

There are two forces driving all these mutations and advancements: innovation and marketing. We decided to take a deep dive into all these bike industry standards and gimmicks that have become popular—and sometimes contentious—to figure out whether each is a worthy innovation or marketing hype. In our fist of three videos, we cover six standards within the realms of hub spacing, wheel sizes, and tire widths. Watch it below, then scroll down to learn about the survey results and the topics we’ll cover in the next two videos.

  • Surly ECR, Is 29 plus dead, Bike Industry Standards
  • Bike Industry Standards

Bike Industry Standards: Survey Says?

A major part of this video series stemmed from a survey asking our readers about their opinion on nearly 20 standards that have been developed within the bike industry. We had more than 2,000 readers participate and gave away Kitsbow Icon shirts to three of the participants, chosen at random. Congrats to Richard F. from Carbondale, Colorado; Chris E. from Copperas Cove, Texas; and Justin S. from Virginia. If you missed out on this giveaway, make sure to subscribe to our channel and click the notification bell to be informed about the next one. Here are the results from the subjects addressed in part 1:

Bike industry standards, Worthy Innovation or Marketing Hype

Stay tuned for the next two videos in this series, where we cover a variety of different handlebar mutations, cockpit components, bike geometry, drivetrains, “in-between” category bikes, the flat mount standard, and a whole lot more. To be notified when these videos are released, and to help support our efforts, please subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

Here’s a list of the topics we’re addressing in all three videos. Are there any additional bike industry standards you’d like for us to analyze and dissect? If so, leave us a note in the conversation below.


  • Thru-Axles
  • Boost Hub Spacing
  • Super Boost Hub Spacing
  • 27.5″ Wheel/Tire Size
  • 29er Wheels/Tires
  • Plus Tires (29+/27.5+)


  • Long Geometry/Short Stems
  • Ultra-wide Drop-bars
  • Alt-bars
  • Suspension Seat Posts/Stems
  • Dropper Seat Posts
  • Carbon Rims/Handlebars


  • Tubeless Technology
  • 1×12 Drivetrains
  • “In-between” Bikes/Tires
  • Flat Mount Brakes
  • Gravel Suspension forks
  • Electronic Shifting

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