Neutron Components Emergency Brake Bleed Kit Review

New Zealand-based Neutron Components just launched a nifty emergency bleed kit system for on-the-go hydraulic brake tune-ups. We got our hands on one ahead of its release to see if it’s worthy of a spot in our repair kit. Find our review of the Neutron Components Emergency Brake Bleed Kit here…

Like most great ideas, Neutron Components was born in a garage. In 2020, the Taupо̄, New Zealand-based brand launched their Oh Sh!t Kit, a complete tool kit that stashes away in your handlebar, and in 2021, they added an ultralight first aid kit to their small product line. Since then, they’ve been pretty quiet and haven’t announced any new products, so we were happy to hear from Neutron’s Founder and Engineer Mike Boys, who let us know about an interesting new product in the works.

The new Neutron Components Emergency Brake Bleed Kit is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a portable, lightweight bleed kit for trailside hydraulic brake tune-ups. Although mid-ride brake bleeds aren’t commonly needed, we saw the kit as a smart inclusion for longer, more remote trips when getting to a bike shop with the right tools for a proper bleed is out of the question. I’ve always had pretty good luck with hydraulic brakes while bikepacking, but I can see the benefit of at least having the option to service the brakes if required.

neutron components emergency brake bleed kit review

The brake bleed kit is a simple tool. The kit itself consists of a small CNC-machined aluminum bottle with two threaded caps on either end. On the smaller end, there’s an M5 threaded nozzle that matches up with both Shimano and SRAM levers (excluding SRAM’s new DB8 mineral oil levers, which have a different thread), and on the larger end is a bigger fill cap. Both ends are sealed with DOT and mineral oil-safe O-rings and hold tight so there is no accidental leakage.

  • neutron components emergency brake bleed kit review
  • neutron components emergency brake bleed kit review

To use the kit, you simply fill the bottle with your required brake fluid just below the threaded section inside the bottle. The idea is that you do this before your ride and then bring the kit along with you as part of your repair kit. If air somehow enters your brake system and your brake lever starts to feel squishy or soft, you can impress all of your friends with your new emergency brake bleed kit. Here are the steps on how to use the kit, straight from Neutron Components.

An Emergency Brake Bleed

1. Unscrew the brake bleed plug from your lever bleed port, ensuring that you remove the O-ring along with it.

2. Remove the small end cap from the emergency bleed kit.

3. Screw the bleed kit into your brake lever until you feel the O-ring start to compress.

4. Holding the bleed kit body steadily, unscrew the large end cap.

5. Squeeze your lever, watching for any small air bubbles escaping into the bleed kit body. Release the lever, then squeeze again, until no bubbles appear.

neutron components emergency brake bleed kit review

6. Reverse the above steps to remove the bleed kit and replace the bleed plug on the lever. It’s a good idea to have a small rag or towel on hand for when the kit is removed from the lever to soak up any excess fluid.

Optional: The night before bleeding your brake, secure your lever in the “squeezed” position with a zip tie or shoelace. This will help draw any trapped air up to the bleed port, making for an easier and more effective bleed.

Post-Bleed Thoughts

As someone who brings their bike into the shop for brake bleeds and hydraulic brake servicing, I liked the idea of a simple bleed kit for at-home service. I also spend a few months each year in our cargo van, so having a simple solution while traveling is also enticing.

The Neutron Emergency Bleed Kit is basic but thoughtfully designed and machined. It feels solid, the threads are smooth, and the included O-rings make sure everything seals up nicely to avoid unwanted leakage. The knurled finish on both caps is a nice touch, and Neutron’s instructions are clear and easy to follow. Besides it actually working, I think the main selling point is its portability and simplicity. You don’t need to have any experience with brake bleeds to understand how the kit works, and there’s a good chance it will remove some unwanted squish from your lever.

neutron components emergency brake bleed kit review


  • Simple yet effective for removing air from brake systems
  • Works with DOT and mineral fluid
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Easy to use, even for the novice home mechanic


  • Won’t work on all brakes
  • Not a good idea to swap between fluid types
  • Won’t replace a proper brake bleed
  • Material: CNC Machined Aluminum
  • Weight: 18 grams empty / 25 grams full
  • Place of Manufacture: China
  • Price: $30 USD ($49 NZD)
  • Manufacturer’s Details:

Wrap Up

Neutron Components’ Emergency Brake Bleed Kit is an awesome new product and a home run for the New Zealand-based brand. I could see the kit coming along with me on remote bikepacking trips and even big day rides in the mountains, providing another solid layer of defense against ride-ending mechanicals. I’m happy to report that my test improved the feel of the rear brake and proved to be dead simple to use. Now, I just need another kit for DOT fluid so I can be everyone’s favourite trail angel.

The Bleed Kit in Action

Neil also tested out the bleed kit ahead of its launch, and he put together a more detailed video showing the tool in action. You can watch it below.

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