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Start With Thanks. Why Gratitude Will Help You Live And Lead With The Courage This Moment Requires

Gratitude ameliorates against fear and fuels courage – for leadership and life. getty Nearly two weeks ago I flew into…

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Not A People Leader? Here Are 4 Other Types Of Leaders.

Group of diverse business people talking in a meeting. Business team smiling during a meeting. getty Not everyone needs to…

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LinkedIn Just Revealed What Jobs Employers Are Hiring For

Man searching the Internet to find job openings. getty Job hunters continue to call, confused about how job hunting has…

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How To Avoid The Self-Inflicted COVID Communication Disaster At JP Morgan Chase And Goldman Sachs

JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Coronavirus SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images It’s surprising and stunning that JP Morgan Chase…

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Follow Your Purpose And Serve Society

Serve Society getty In these times of multiple national and global crises, all business leaders must consider fundamental questions about…

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Did You Put On A Mask Long Before CoVid19?

Wearing a mask to hide who we really are does not work. getty In 2020, the word ‘mask’ has taken…

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American Household Wealth Is At The ‘Highest Level Ever’: Here’s What’s Really Happening

getty The Wall Street Journal reported Monday something that seems astounding and unbelievable to many Americans. Based largely upon a…

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Why Did Wells Fargo’s CEO Say That “There Is A Very Limited Pool Of Black Talent To Recruit From”?

© 2020 Bloomberg Finance LP Wells Fargo has some laudable diversity goals, including a pledge to double the number of…

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A Game Of Hot Potato

Why is it that most managers seem to work around the clock? The majority of an overworked manager’s “work” is…

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Three Growing And Important Freelance Marketplaces You Need To Know

getty In a recent article I described a number of interesting and innovative digital freelance talent marketplaces. Well, there are many…

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