5 Things You Need Before You Make Your Vows


Ah, yes! The wedding day! That long-awaited special occasion in people’s life that should be filled with pleasant emotions and kind gestures. However, there are also practical matters to be managed at the same time and you can take care of them by choosing professional services. There are dedicated event organizers that can bring your vision to life or you can get involved and put all your efforts and creative thoughts to work.

This way you can mind your romantic journey and enjoy every second of your ceremony without being bothered with last-minute tasks or sudden changes of plans. Prevention and careful planification is key.

Here’s five things you need to do before you make your vows:

1.   Get A Wedding Insurance

After you pick the date and the location of your wedding, you can make sure that your money will be coming back to your bank account in case of a cancellation due to extreme weather, illness or injuries of one of the participants or military deployment, by opting for an insurance. If you want to get insurance for your wedding, there are dozens of possibilities and consultants that can help you pick the option that suits you.

In these unstable times, one thing that can save your economies and your nerves before the big event is going for an event insurance. Many weddings will reach costs well over $30,000 but you can protect the entire investment with a low cost insurance. Even a smaller wedding can be insured and you will definitely be grateful you did so in case something tragic happens.


2.   Make a Personalized Music Playlist

If you have a small budget or you simply want to make the whole event customizable and utra- personalized to your tastes and aesthetics you can definitely use some of your favorite songs.

Maybe it can be the song you first danced to or something that holds a special memory to both of you.

In case you are out of inspiration or you ran out of time to search in your history, you can look online for songs to walk down the aisle to and you will discover plenty of options to fill more than one simple walk to the altar.

If you are a music aficionado and would rather enjoy live music, you should definitely book in advance a cool band that will ensure all your guests are well entertained and will dance their feet off during the wedding party.

3.   Find The Rings To Match Your Love Story

Jewelry is an extremely important detail of the whole wedding and the vows reading part as well.Wedding rings are exchanged at the end of the vows and will be your proof for the lifetime commitment that you took for one another.

This is why you should make sure that you pick something representative of your personality or that helds a strong symbolic meaning. Words and precious adornments are classy, romantic ways to express your feelings.

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Whether you opt for a family jewelry or you buy a new wedding ring, you have to make sure someone keeps them safe until the moment arrives and you exchange them in front of your closest friends and dearest family members.

4.    Keep Time Of Your Vows Reading Moment

One safeway to make sure that you don’t bore your audience or overwhelm them with personal details of your love is to write down, read and record the entire vow you wrote or speech, in case you will be reading the classic text and see where you should pause or finish the text in order to sound as good as possible.

5.   Pick A Talented Photographer

Or even better, have the photoshoot for your wedding on a different day than that of the actual celebration. This way you are making sure that both of you will be well-rested and ready to enjoy your special day.

Final Thoughts

These 5 things are only a small part of the preparations you should follow in order to achieve a great wedding reception. No matter what happens in the end, know that is normal to forget some secondary details and all your worries will vanish whe

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