Help New Patients Find You: Creative Marketing Strategies for Dentists

Hoping to gain new dental patients?

Optimizing your website is one major step. There are hundreds of thousands of dentists out there so you need to take advantage of every tool available. Learn to rework your UX, speed up pages, and make everything easier to read and interact with.

However, these aren’t the only steps to get people to find you. Read our list below and discover other useful tips to help your dental clinic or services explode in the market:

Run a Blog

Content creation is going to be one of your best tools when it comes to marketing your dental clinic or services. Putting out new videos, website pages, and infographics will boost your dental SEO efforts.

However, the best method is to keep a blog. Blogs not only inform visitors, but also generate content for your dental clinic website. Blogs provide opportunities for backlinking too.

Social Media Ads

While social media marketing doesn’t immediately affect your SEO efforts, there’s no denying how well these platforms broaden your reach. Think of the millions of people on TikTok these days. Now consider the millions on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat.

However, you shouldn’t forget that these platforms also allow you to run ads. Take advantage of this and try to put out ads to keep your dental services in people’s attention.

Influencer Marketing

Of all the social media marketing techniques out there, working with influencers is one of the most effective. With one post, an influencer can introduce your dental services to thousands or even millions of people. Their followers will book appointments simply because someone they admire endorsed it.

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Referral Marketing

Offer incentives to your patients, enticing them to not only come back, but to bring someone else in too. Use a referral program to keep the chain of new patients going.

For example, you could grant someone a 10% if they bring a new patient. Entice that new patient by giving them a 5% discount. Both patients will feel excited since they get to save money.

The new patient will then continue this chain and refer another friend or relative.

Boost Reviews

Don’t forget that people have faith in reviews. Use that to your advantage and build a positive online reputation. Do your best to encourage patients to leave reviews on sites like Yelp or your official Google My Business page.

Hire a Marketing Agency

At the end of the day, marketing your dental services or business detracts from what you do best: taking care of dental patients. Instead of splitting your time, money, and efforts, hire an agency for fully managed marketing.

Not sure what or how an agency can help you out? You can check out this guide here for more info.

Reach New Patients Now

Now you know different methods to gain new dental patients. It isn’t easy, and it can take quite a while for these tactics to pick up. However, it’s well worth your investments, because you’ll be able to build your reputation and broaden your reach.

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Don’t stop with this guide, however.

If you discovered new tips or simply liked this guide and found it informative, why not read even more? We post new guides that cover everything from vaping to technology and personal finance.

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