Online Gambling Licensing in Different Countries

Gambling has existed for much longer than decades or even centuries. Even the ancient Egyptians and Greeks betted coins or jewelry on the outcome of any competition. Today the gambling business has reached a new level and now gamblers can enjoy their favorite game or place a bet even in the comfort of their homes provided they have a computer, laptop, or any portable device.

As for those who have decided to go into the gambling business, it is not enough just to create a website and place many popular online slot games on its pages. Each establishment will need a special license, which will indicate that its activities are legal. “Spin” is a prime example and one of the best Canadian no deposit casino  clubs that have passed all the stages of licensing and legally provide their services on the slot machine market. This article will tell you about the most popular jurisdictions that offer gaming licenses. 

Gambling license in Alderney

The Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC) was established back in 2000 when the gambling industry began to actively move to online platforms. There are two types of licenses available here:

  • B2C (business to customer) is the 1st category. It requires registration and verification of each player, as well as investment management.
  • B2B (business-to-business) is the 2nd category. It enables license holders to manage online gaming platforms even outside of Alderney.

On average, it takes 60 days to review a license application. The license has to be renewed annually.

Gambling license in the UK

This country has three types of licenses:

  • Operating license;
  • Personal management license;
  • Premise license.

Any of the license types can be applied online. For this purpose, the commission created a special website. The application consideration can take up to 16 weeks provided that a full package of documents has been submitted. The cost of licenses is different and can be checked on the official website of the commission. 

Belgium gambling license

It is quite difficult to obtain a license in this country because a number of laws on gambling were adopted here in 2009-2011. The laws provided for a significant increase in requirements for companies operating in the gambling market. Residents of Belgium are prohibited from playing on platforms that have been blacklisted. A fine of up to 25,000 euros can be imposed for breaking the law.

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Here, the online casino tax rate reaches 11%, and the license fee will be 250,000 euros per year. The gaming commission in Belgium is strict and efficient in its work – websites that do not adhere to the rules are quickly blocked and cannot continue their activities within the country. 

Gambling licensing in Gibraltar

It is Gibraltar that is considered to be the largest center for online gambling, but in fact, it is not so easy to get a license here. The company must meet fairly strict requirements, as well as have a business plan that can be realistically implemented. Furthermore, it should have a stable financial condition.

The tax for online games is not that big here – it is just 1%. The annual license fee is 2,000 pounds and the processing time may vary depending on the company and jurisdiction. 

Obtaining a license in Denmark

Here a license can be obtained for a fairly long period that is up to 5 years. Licenses for online establishments and physical casinos are different. To receive this important document, it is required to fill out an application on the official website of the gambling commission, and it should be filled in Danish. The fee is 36,000 euros or 267,500 Danish crowns. Those businessmen who want to get a license for online casinos and land-based clubs immediately will have to pay more. 

The license in the Canadian province of Kanabec

Kanabec is a reservation in Canada. It is very popular among businessmen working in gambling because here they can get an online license.

It is necessary to establish working sites on the territory of the province for those who intend to receive a permitting document in Kanabec. The license should be paid for and renewed annually. 

Obtaining a license in Costa Rica

Quite often, businessmen choose Costa Rica to obtain a license. The reason for this popularity is quite simple – gambling, including online, is regulated at a minimal level in this country. It is required only to create a local corporation that will handle the processing of personal data and then provide services.

But there is also a problem – the reputation of local operators is not very good, and the economic crisis has damaged the overall picture even more.

Gambling license issued by Curacao

Only one type of license is offered here, but it comes in two different formats:

  • sublicense enables the license holder to conduct online business without the right to issue licenses to a third party;
  • the main license is a special document that enables its holder not only to establish a gambling business but also to issue sublicenses to third parties.

There is no corporate income tax as such but the security deposit is 34,000 euros. The fee for a sublicense is 2,000 to 4,000 dollars. An application with a complete package of documents will be considered for up to 6 weeks. Curacao has the perfect price/time ratio when it comes to getting a license.  

Obtaining a license in Malta

There are as many as six classes of licenses that provide permits for different types of activities. The cost of different types of licenses and the taxes charged are different. It is better to check all the details on the commission’s website in order to avoid confusion in the future.

To begin with, regardless of the type of license chosen, it is required to pay 2,330 euros for registration, 8,500 euros as an annual fee, and 2,500 euros as a fee for obtaining a certificate. 

Isle of Man gambling license

Here, just like in Curacao, establishments can get a basic license and a sublicense. However, not all types of gambling require a license here. There will be will corporate income tax charged:

  • for the income of up to 20 million pounds per year, the tax is 1.5%;
  • for the income of 20 to 40 million pounds per year, the tax is 0.5%;
  • for the income exceeding 40 million pounds per year, the tax is 0.1%.

When a license application is submitted, it is required to pay 1,000 pounds. Its consideration will take 10 to 12 weeks. To obtain a license, a company must have at least two local directors.

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