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5 of the Best Non-Alcoholic Wines Worth Trying This Year (2022)

Dry January is in full swing. For those who participate, that means temporarily bidding adieu to boozy tipples and embracing the alcohol-free sippers we may not have reached for since this time last year. While non-alcoholic beer has been around for quite some time and non-alcoholic spirits have seen a steady rise in recent years, non-alcoholic wine is still in its infancy. On a larger scale, the category has yet to break out from its small niche, but interest among consumers is growing. In fact, according to Drizly’s BevAlc Insights, the category grew by 300 percent year-over-year in 2021.

Today, there are more non-alcoholic wines on the market than one might guess. But that doesn’t mean they’re all worth drinking. We tasted through the top brands in the category and narrowed it down to a handful that really impressed us. From tea-infused bubbly to a booze-free red blend fit for California wine lovers, here are five alcohol-free wines to try this year.

Töst Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé

Made with white tea, ginger, and elderberry, Töst’s rosé smells more like jasmine flowers than traditional wine. But that’s a good thing. Without trying too hard to mimic the flavors of wine, this bottling has a slight effervescence that adds some much-needed dimension to its palate. Its eye-catching bottle and festive color make it a great swap for pink bubbly at any celebration.

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Acid League Wine Proxies: Serene

Acid League Wine Proxies: Serene is one of the best non-alcoholic wines to try in 2022

This is an atypical wine alternative, made with cherry, plum, pomegranate, blackcurrant, French oak, hibiscus, tarragon, and vanilla. Given the ingredient list, rather than having a grape juice–like taste, this chillable red is bursting with red fruit flavors and has fantastic body for a non-alcoholic alternative. Pair it with a big charcuterie board; you may not even miss your favorite Pinot.

Surely Wines Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé

Surely Wines Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé is one of the best non-alcoholic wines to try in 2022

While not very aromatic on the nose, this Sonoma-made sparkling option — containing less than 0.5 percent alcohol — is bursting with pleasant bubbles, which balance out the sweetness of tropical fruit. It has good acidity, especially for a non-alcoholic offering, bringing out a dry mouthfeel similar to that of brut Prosecco.

Luminara Alcohol Removed Napa Valley Red Blend 2018

Luminara Alcohol Removed Napa Valley Red Blend 2018 is one of the best non-alcoholic wines to try in 2022

Looking for a non-alcoholic red wine that actually tastes like wine? Luminara’s red blend delivers, with a nice fruit depth balanced by impressive acidity. Its aftertaste is a bit vinegary, so it’s best paired with rich or meaty dishes to offset that bitterness.

Codorníu Zero Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine

Codorníu Zero Alcohol Free Sparkling Wine is one of the best non-alcoholic wines to try in 2022

If you love Cava, this alcohol-free sparkler is sure to please. While it’s a touch on the sweeter side, vibrant floral and honeyed flavors keep things in balance, while refreshingly light fruit flavors take center stage. Plenty of effervescence creates a delightful texture. For special occasions minus the next day hangover, you can’t go wrong with this bottle.

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