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Consumers have spoken, and glass packaging has come out on top

The survey, commissioned by Friends of Glass and the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE), shows that across more than 10,000 customers in 13 European countries, not only would 90 percent of people recommend glass as the best packaging material, but also that half of consumers are buying more glass-packaged products than three years ago.

Environmental concerns appear to be the most significant factor when it comes to making decisions about packaging, and with the recyclability of glass this packaging is increasingly becoming recognised as the most eco-friendly choice.

Glass’s impressive environmental credentials stem from its ability to be recycled in a closed loop system: it can be made from other, recycled glass, and raw natural materials such as sand, soda ash and limestone, which can then remain in the system to be reused infinitely. Not only does this mean less waste, but it reduces the need for new materials to be acquired in the first place.

Michael Delle Salve, Senior Communications Manager of FEVE, shared the Federation’s plans to build on these findings: “Our ambition is to achieve both a collection rate [of recyclable materials] of 90% by 2030 and full recycling of collected glass packaging – so that people don’t just recycle, but recycle more and better”.

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27 April 2020 –

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