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There’s A Diamond-Shaped Glass Bar Strung 900 Feet Over A Georgia Canyon

Every bar needs that little special something to stand out. A bar in the Republic of Georgia, for example, suspended in the middle of a glass bridge hanging over a canyon, might have found its selling point.

The diamond-shaped, multiple-story bar sits at the middle of a 787-feet glass bridge on the Dashbabi Canyon in southern Georgia, CNN writes. It celebrated its grand opening with Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili on June 14. The opening of the tourist-friendly structure came the same week as the Georgian government lifted its COVID-19 restrictions for international visitors.

The bar currently holds the title of the largest suspended structure in the world, as CNN reports. It sits at some 919 feet above the lush canyon.

Tomer Mor Yosef, the lead designer from the Kass Group, a primarily real estate investment firm located in Israel and Georgia that led project construction, says the design of the dazzling bar was inspired by the natural landscape of the canyon. He tells CNN that the investment group hoped to capture visitor’s attention through a complex, exciting experience that involves all five senses.

After crossing the dizzyingly high glass bridge to enjoy drinks and views at the diamond bar, adventurous visitors can enjoy the other experiences the structure offers. A zip line offers biking across the Dashbabi Canyon, while others can try their hand at the canyon swing.

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The construction of the canyon structure (composed of steel and glass) took three years to complete, and is estimated to have cost around $40 million.. In addition to the mid-air attraction, the property boasts of a guest suite that will be open for reservations in the near future.

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