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HaBO: Black Mustachioed Cowboy Meets Winsome Redhead

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This HaBO request comes from Regan, who wants to find their first romance:

This was my first ever romance. My cousins and I read it one summer when we were staying at my grandma’s house and discovered her “stash” of romance paperbacks. It was most likely purchased at a Walmart. This would have been in the early 2000s that we read it.

I know it involves a cowboy and is a historical Western. He is mature and has dark hair and a black mustache. He “feathers” kisses on her body with the mustache. She’s a redhead. Don’t remember much about the plot besides they are married and she is pregnant by the end of the book. I think he fingers her in front of a mirror when she’s pregnant.

It may have been a marriage of convenience, I don’t think it was enemies or friends to lovers, although she was averse to his charms at first.

He calls her his “chit” I think and I want to say his name is Colt because of course it is.

I’ve searched high and low on Google and doubt my cousins would remember anything about it. They were both on the cover from what I recall, she may have been in a light blue dress.

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Sound familiar to anyone?

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