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HaBO: Hero and Heroine are Both Alphas

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This HaBO comes from Megan, who is searching for a paranormal romance:

I read a book at least 2 years ago. It was a contemporary wolf shifter novel with enemies to lovers trope.

The heroine was the daughter of the prior alpha who is killed by the hero prior to the book starting, which is what elevates the hero to alpha. He allows a bunch of degenerate wolves to join the pack and the pack goes to hell. Upon becoming alpha, the hero forces the heroine to show submission to all of the other pack members, which she does to avoid a fight with the alpha (It becomes a big plot point that she should be a leader in their community and that her talents are wasted at the bottom of the pack pecking order).

She stays with the pack until her younger brother graduates, and then she puts in her application to leave. She knows that the new alpha is her fated mate from the day she meets him, but he’s clueless until she puts in her request to leave years later. He then tries to pursue her. She leaves her pack and joins another pack as their female-alpha and pretends to be in a relationship with the new pack’s alpha.

There’s then lots of interactions between hero and heroine in inter-pack meetings that are held. Ends in a HEA.

The hero sounds kind of terrible? Does anyone recognize this book?

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