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Workspace with computer, journal, books, coffee, and glasses.It is officially the last Wednesday of October. This month just flew right by and the Boston area might get their first snowfall of the season this Friday. I’m not sure if I’m ready.

Once again, I’m reminding you to vote. Vote early in person if you can, as the precedent set by the ruling in Wisconsin makes me nervous for mail-in ballots that don’t make it in by November 3rd.

Content warning here for loss of a child. Chrissy Teigen has come back from her social media hiatus to talk about the recent loss of her third child, and what it feels like to be a public figure experience this pain.

I just discovered Richard Ayoade’s YouTube series, where he travels and talks about weird gadgets with celebrities. I particularly love this episode with Noel Fielding. You can really tell what great friends they are. There are also fart jokes, which we could all use right now.

My recent self-care routine includes lying in bed and watching adorable fox videos from Save a Fox Sanctuary in Minnesota. The foxes are often rescued from fur farms and they all have such distinct personalities.

Another self-care suggestion: naps! If you need a reminder to rest, the Nap Ministry has a hotline for you!

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Since Halloween is this Saturday, I want to share one of my favorite Saturday Night Live shorts:

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