13 Best Clay Face Masks

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Before there were placenta-spiked sheet masks and at-home LED light machines, there was the humble clay mask. It majorly detoxified your pores, treating your breakouts and evening out pigmentation. Now we’re seeing a whole new wave of super-charged formulas. Whether it’s special blends of clay, plussed with acids, or combined with gently cleansing ingredients—these 13 masks are great for clearing the skin of toxins, oils, debris, and dirt when your skin is flaring up or feeling dull. Pro tip: Invest in a quality moisturizer, as clay can be drying.

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Indian Healing Clay

Aztec Secret

“Cult-favorite” doesn’t even begin to explain the hype around this face mask. Aside from the endless Amazon reviews and YouTube’s dedication to celebrating this mask, celebrities like Lili Reinhart have also spoken about its incredible benefits. Made with 100% calcium, this might be the holy grail of clay masks. It is ideal for cystic acne or severe cases, as it is very powerful.

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The Clean Choice

Herbivore Botanicals All Natural Blue Clay Spot Treatment Mask

Herbivore Botanicals

Try this mask two different ways: as an acne spot treatment for trouble areas or all over for a full-face cleanse. It’s 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free, so you won’t need to worry about any weird reactions or unknown ingredients if you have sensitive skin.

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The Peel Off Wonder

Skin Rescue Purifying Mask with Red Clay

First Aid Beauty


This peel-off mask isn’t just fun—it also works hard to purify skin, reduce pore size, and absorb skin oils that leave you looking shiny. Mineral-based red clay calms redness caused by hyperpigmentation and improves your skin’s natural texture.

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The Creamy Option

Earth Mask

Rosen Skincare


Sensitive and dry skin will love this cream-based clay mask. Fuller’s earth clay, zinc oxide and eucalyptus oil are both super-soothing and potent. 

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The Millennial Pink One

Australian Pink Clay Porefining Face Mask

Sand & Sky


A ten minute treatment with this millennial pink mask doesn’t just deep clean pores—the clay is spiked with pomegranate and witch hazel to  promote cell turnover and tighten pores.

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The Limited Edition Star

Barbie x GlamGlow Limited Edition Supermud Clearing Instant Treatment Mask



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The Oily Skin Helper

Clarifying Masque and Scrub

Jacq’s Organics


Delivered to you in the dry form so it stays potent, this slightly gritty mask has montmorillonite clay, dead sea salt, and activated charcoal to buff and brighten skin. Botanical peptides help deliver oxygen deep into skin, so you’ll look glowy immediately after rinsing it off.

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The Gentle Choice

The INKEY List Kaolin Mask

The INKEY List


Smectite and kaolin clay combine into a gentle white mask that still gives you all the deep cleansing benefits of other clay without drying out skin. It’s great for all skin types and can even be used daily to help control oil.

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The Drugstore Deal

Pure-Clay Face Mask with Charcoal

L’Oreal Paris


You can find this potent mask on your local beauty. The creamy formula doesn’t dry like a traditional clay mask but instead leaves your skin feeling clean and hydrated.

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The Exfoliator

Super Volcanic Clusters Pore Clearing Clay Mousse Mask



Whipped like butter, this airy mask has tiny pieces of volcanic clusters from the Jeju Islands, which unites with kaolin clay to suck excess oil and impurities out from your pores. It also gently exfoliates, so skin is instantly brighter. 

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The One That Smells Aamazing

Green Tea Clay Mask + Scrub

Pairs perfectly with your morning matcha. It takes only three ingredients—french green clay, bentonite clay, and matcha powder—to energize and deeply cleanse skin. The matcha not only adds skin-soothing antioxidants, but also makes this mask smell amazing. 

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