A British Girl Walks Into Nordstrom—13 Items She’d Buy (and 13 She Wouldn’t)

While our obsession with effortlessly chic French-Girl style is an enduring one—I find it’s the Brit-girls who take more style risks, exude an edgier aesthetic, and are decidedly individual in their style choices. Call me biased (I am British after all) but I always find the outfits across the pond exceedingly more interesting and exciting to observe. There’s a certain eccentricity within a Brit-girls wardrobe, a quirkiness that manifests itself in the form of chunky hand-made sweaters, heritage fabrics, elements of vintage and off-beat accessories—where convention and rebellion meet head on. This much is true: There’s outfit inspiration to be found wherever you go in England.

While there’s no doubt the lines are blurred when it comes to global fashion nowadays, there are certain markers of British fashion that feel unique—in part, due to factors such as the weather, its history, and the ever-changing zeitgeist.

As someone who grew up in England and observes British fashion a lot, today I thought it would be fun to share what cool pieces British fashion people would buy (and what they’re likely to bypass) should they find themselves wandering into a Nordstrom. (We’re keeping things hypothetical since there are no Nordstrom retailers in the U.K yet). If you’re curious keep scrolling for plenty of shopping inspiration.

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