An Honest Review of Pat McGrath’s Dark Star Mascara

Rating: 3.5/5 stars

Review: “I’d argue that mascara is one of the most finicky types of beauty products to review. Not only does everyone have different lashes (from length to density to curl), but also everyone has different lash goals. My ultimate mascara, for instance, gives me lots of volume, lots of curl, lots of length, and lots of definition. Basically, I want practically cartoonish, borderline Disney Princess–level lashes that completely pop out from my face. My lashes are naturally super long, and honestly, I don’t mind a little clumping. In fact, it’s kind of my signature look. However, I know that kind of drama is some people’s worst mascara nightmare. To each their own!

“My long lashes and my eyes are probably my favorite feature, and I love to play them up. Therefore, I pretty much never apply anything short of three coats, and sometimes I’ll add even more. I’ll mix and match brands and formulas. Essentially, I’m a mad scientist when it comes to mascara. Oh, and I’m also a super-tough critic. Even though I have lots of natural length, my lashes are extremely straight, dark, and dense, so it practically takes witchcraft for a mascara to have enough curl and length power to satisfy me. Truly, there are only about three or four mascaras that have every truly wowed me, and I’ve remained completely loyal ever since discovering them.

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“I have to be honest. I didn’t love this mascara. That said, I can recognize it’s a truly phenomenal formula, it’s just not my personal cup of tea. If you’re someone who wants really light, fluttery lift and volume with just one or two quick wiggles through your lashes, you’ll love this mascara. But as someone who likes to layer and needs a lot of durable curl, it just didn’t quite do it for me and started to make my lashes look a little clumpy and stumpy as I tried to add more coats. Plus, I did feel like my lashes ‘fell’ as the day went on, so I actually added a top coat of my favorite curling mascara to keep them from getting too droopy. One last note: This brush (and the entire tube in general) is large. So if you struggle to not get mascara all over your lids and eyes while you apply, the larger brush size definitely might exacerbate the problem. It’s not the end of the world but worth mentioning all the same. I stand by my 3.5-star rating because, for people who want a light boost of fanned-out volume, this mascara is home run, even if I’m not sure it will be a regular within my rotation.” 

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