I Always Wear Heels, But These Flat Shoe Trends Are Doing It for Me

I am what you might call a shoe person. I love shoes. I find them to be not only one of the most quintessential pieces in outfit building but also the most fun thing to shop for. I could sit in a luxury department store’s shoe section for hours and not get bored. (I used to work for Nordstrom, so I actually did that once, and I highly recommend it.) I especially love heels. Ever since I was younger, I would try on my mom’s heels or beg my mom to buy me a pair of heeled Cinderella shoes at the Disney store in the mall. I just thought they were the absolute embodiment of femininity, and as a 5’2” girl who’s always wanted to be taller, I wear heels whenever I can.

I’ve been wearing them since high school. I’ve gotten so good at maneuvering in heels that I could even run a mile in some, no joke. But we’re not here to talk about heels or my supernatural ability to walk in them; we are here to talk about flats. I’ll admit I’ve never really liked flats. I’ve always thought they were safe and boring, and that is the last thing I want my style to be described as. But lately, I’ve opened up my very closed mind and started spotting flat shoe trends that we’re so chic even I had to try them myself. Six trends stood out to me as ones I could totally see myself styling. I’ve officially converted into a flats lover.

Keep scrolling to see which six trends are responsible for this change of heart.

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