I Went on a 3 Month Shopping Detox—But Now I’m Back, and This Is What I’m Buying

As senior fashion market editor here at Who What Wear—I basically shop for a living. Ok, there’s a whole lot more to it than that but day in and day out it’s my priority to search the internet high and low for the absolute best fashion pieces worth buying no matter what your budget—and then share them with you our dear readers. Naturally, this means I tend to shop a lot for myself—saving items and adding them to my cart if I spot something I love (which tends to be often!). In fact, I would buy something new almost every week.

But for the last three months, I’ve taken a little break from my normal shopping habits—and embarked upon somewhat of a wardrobe detox. There were a few reasons that I decided to do this, but it was mostly due to the fact that I finally confronted my overwhelmingly bulging wardrobe only to realize I only wear about 20-30% of the clothes in it—especially since the pandemic hit and WFH life has meant I basically live in a daily rotation of sweatpants and leggings. I felt guilty about owning this much. I had more than enough clothes to keep me sartorially excited throughout the winter months.

After getting my act together and doing a massive closet cleanout—donating clothes to thrift stores, selling some clothes on Poshmark, and keeping only the clothes I love and wear often my mind and wardrobe feel so free!

While I’m not going to be going back to all my old shopping habits I am now ready to shop again—but in a much more thoughtful way—focusing on investment items that are still fashion-forward but I know I’ll wear a ton as opposed to impulse buys. So with a new season just around the corner, and with a sense of freedom on the horizon, below I’m sharing a carefully curated edit of items I have on my radar for spring. Take a peek below.

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