This is how Mexican fashion was lived at EXPO 2020 Dubai

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Brenda Jaet was in charge of bringing seven Mexican designers to EXPO 2020 Dubá , as director. Pineda Covalín, Lydia Lavín, Monserrat Messeguer, Benito Santos, Armando Takeda, Jasive Fernández and Carlos Pineda exhibited their most recent works in the Middle East and they did not disappoint. For a week in all the pavilions they spoke only of Mexicans, who impressed both national and international people.

Luis Carrillo

EXPO 2020 Dubai is the first international event of this magnitude to be held in the Middle East, with the aim of promoting trade, exchanging technological advances and sharing the culture of the more than 190 participating countries. It has even been classified among the three most important events in the world, after the Olympic Games and the World Cup. Of course, it was to be expected that the United Arab Emirates, has been preparing for more than 10 years to be able to carry out this universal exhibition, in which Mexico was one of the protagonists.

Image: Luis Carrillo

This event invited us to discover the world: to learn about the most innovative ideas of the moment, for example, the devices that allow the extraction of water from the air or concrete that generates energy from sunlight, even to marvel at the architecture whose axis central is sustainability. But, especially to connect with allies and investors from around the world; to strengthen ties between companies; to participate in discussions and debates with opinion leaders.

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During the EXPO tolerance and inclusion week, every day a designer presented his proposals in different pavilions of the Expo, such as Switzerland, Thailand, Israel and the United States , with a positive result: all of them registered sales in Dubai and created important alliances for the Mexican fashion industry.

In the words of the director, Brenda Jaet , this is how that historic week was lived for Mexico:

“On stage, we discovered the vegetation and fauna of Mexico with Pineda Covalín who delighted us with a large Monarch Butterfly (which surprised all attendees). We had charros, ponchos and clothing in the style of northern Mexico presented by Montserrat Messeguer .

Image: Luis Carrillo

Elegant, contemporary and vibrant dresses by Lydia Lavín . Benito Santos showed us a very special collection with pineapples made by hand in Michoacán, a wonderful state.

Image: Luis Carrillo

Armando Takeda presented a collection made with a new type of leather that can change the future because it is made from sustainable nopal. Jasive Fernández presented her first haute couture collection inspired by strong and feminine women who left a legacy through their life stories.

Image: Luis Carrillo

And last but not least, the Carlos Pineda collection inspired by Mexico and its maximalism, whose objective is to produce ‘usable art’ “.

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Image: Luis Carrillo

“Dubai Fashion Mexico achieved a way of weaving lives through fashion”.

These results were thanks to national talent and international allies. To the exhaustive work of Marco Corral, fashion stylist, makeup artists, hair stylists, jewelers and the public relations agency RPUBLICA.

In the final speech of the director Brenda Jaet, she assured that the platform will be seen again, because “we will definitely see each other again in Osaka 2025”.

For more achievements for Mexican fashion!

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