5 Hospitality Trends During Covid-19

With COVID-19 crippling almost all world economies, it would be safe to say that the global hospitality industry has been the hardest hit. As the world slowly limps back to normal, and with restrictions on travel easing up, there is a growing focus on health and hygiene and hotels are also doing all they can to ensure that their staff as well as their guests are safe and feel secure. Most hotels have been working closely with government health agencies to draw up new safety measures since the safety of their guests and employees is paramount.

From B&B’s to boutique properties to large chains, hotels both big and small are implementing new policies for the post-pandemic season. As the hospitality industry worldwide gears up to open its doors, it carries on its shoulders an enormous burden – that of the safety and security of its guests and its own people.

Moving forward, experts foresee technology playing an even bigger role than what it already does. Technology is predicted to be the link that will enable and efficiently manage safety and cleanliness protocols and communicate them to hotel guests as well.

Read on to know about the 5 growing hospitality trends that are becoming de rigueur and will be considered the new normal. These are trends that all hotels should consider implementing sooner than later.

1. Cleansing and Sanitizing

Hotels would be expected to completely sanitize their properties using advanced-grade disinfection products and virus eliminating UV technologies. Touchless hand sanitizers, sanitation and social distancing guidelines would also need to be prominently displayed. Both guests and staff may be allowed to enter the property only after their temperatures have been scanned. Guests can expect to be welcomed with a wellness kit for their personal use, and their luggage will be sanitized upon arrival, using UV technologies.

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Most hotels are also ensuring that their guests arrive to sanitize and sealed rooms. In addition, non-essential amenities like decorative pillows etc are being replaced with hygiene kits that would include masks, gloves and other such safety essentials. As per new industry standards, guest rooms will also be kept unoccupied for minimum 48 hours between guests and will be sanitized thoroughly after each stay.

2. Food Services

Food departments are also seeing a major revamp from scheduled and monitored hand-washes to thorough and frequent sanitizing of cooking and dining areas. Most properties have also closed off breakfast and dining rooms to minimize contact and avoid unnecessary gathering.

Traditional menus are being replaced with digital menus wherever possible and room service processes are also being updated to ensure safe and distant deliveries. Further self-serve and buffet options are being replaced with pre-plated meals or packaged and boxed meals including ‘Grab & Go’.

3. Personal Protective Equipment

More and more hotels are ensuring they have personal protective equipment (PPE) and cleaning supplies on hand which also include N95 respirator masks, disposable gloves and hospital-grade disinfectant solutions.

4. Staff Protocol

Many hotels are now encouraging their staff to wear personal protective equipment like masks and gloves at work. In an industry that values customer contact at every level right from the doorman to the liftman and housekeeping, many hotels are now also asking staff to maintain a safe distance between their colleagues and the guests as well.

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5. Touchless Check-Ins

With the need for social distancing and limited contact becoming paramount, hotels are also figuring out ways and means for contactless check-in services at all levels while also trying to ensure they do not lose the personal touch.

What is Contactless Check-in?

The new process of touchless check-in aims at doing away with the old school method of checking in, which involved several touchpoints. A lot of hotels are now introducing mobile check-ins that allow guests to check-into a hotel through their mobiles without the need for any human contact.

This process however needs to be scaled up in order to ensure that it is a seamless and stress-free experience, for both guests and hotel staff alike.

The contactless check-in solution by Canary Technologies allows for a smooth and seamless process that lets you check-in your guests without the exchange of any documentation from credit cards to ID’s or registration forms. It is quick, highly efficient and completely hassle-free.

How It Works

  • All guests are sent mobile check-in links via emails or text message prior to arrival.
  • Guests can use the link to submit their credit card information, upload the required ID proof and sign the hotel’s registration card while in transit or on the way to the hotel.
  • Canary verifies all the information and confirms the same to the hotel which can then go ahead and check the guest in. All in a matter of minutes.
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The main advantage of Canary Technologies is that it is quick and easy to set-up and lets you check in your guests right away, the right way. It is integrated with various platforms and service providers from property management partners to multiple payment and mobile service partners to ensure hassle free co-ordination. Another key benefit is that it is simple and easy to understand and does not require a lot of training.

The road to recovery does seem insurmountable and hotels both big and small are gearing up for tough times ahead. It is therefore important that you realign your  business practices strategically by implementing some of the steps mentioned above in order to better serve your customers during these tough times.

Explore and invest in technological innovations that will ensure you are well prepared to weather the storm and emerge successful.

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