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Do you know the rule of seven? It states that a consumer needs to interact with your brand seven times before making a purchase. Branded merchandise can help with these interactions. 

One of the most well-known branding tips is to use promotional items. But why is this idea so widespread? This guide will show you five benefits that will help your business grow when you use promotional products as a part of your marketing plan. 

1. Increase Brand Awareness 

You need to get your brand out there if you want people to be aware of your business or even recognize it. Product marketing is a great way to do this. You can use promotional products like custom box matches to put your brand in front of people. 

These small products are affordable, allowing you to purchase a lot of them. This increases your chances of getting in front of more people. These small items also increase the frequency that someone interacts with your brand, which increases brand awareness and gets them closer to the magic rule of seven and a purchase. 

2. Improve Customer Retention 

What are you doing to show your current customers that you appreciate them? Giving out gifts is an easy way to say thank you for their business while also getting your brand in front of them one more time. 

This strengthens the relationship between your business and the customer and thereby builds brand loyalty. 

3. Build Employee Loyalty 

A business with a poor reputation can pay up to 10% for employee salaries. Branded product marketing can be a key piece of the employee retention program. 

When your company has a strong positive reputation, you attract better and more skilled talent. Your business will grow faster and stronger with a talented team at the helm. With a 10% reduction in salary costs, you can dedicate more financial resources to company growth. 

4. Create a Brand Image

To be successful in today’s e-commerce world, you need to build a branding strategy. This should be a consistent message across all platforms. Building a brand image requires you to create a visual representation and voice for your brand. 

Branded products can assist with this. Placing your brand on useful or helpful products gives your brand this image of buying helpful. The right branded product can coordinate with your social media, PR, and other marketing efforts to build your company’s personality. 

5. Market Research and Testing 

Do you have an idea for a new product? Developing your product line and expanding the number of products you offer can help grow your business and increase your bottom line. However, you need to expand your business with the right products. 

Branding a test product is a great way to test out a potential product. Branding the products allows consumers to give you feedback. You can then use this engagement to analyze whether or not the test product is worth pursuing.  

Grow Your Business With Branded Merchandise

If you want to grow your business, consider using branded merchandise as a part of your marketing plan. It puts your brand in front of more consumers and has them interact with it more often. You can also use branded products to build stronger relationships with your current customers and employees. 

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