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Winning sales is the objective when it comes to business success. Having a popular and easily recognizable brand doesn’t suffice if the sales aren’t as strong as perception. 

In addition, winning sales is a team effort that must be intentionally practiced and executed in the market. Refined sales skills come with training, practice, and execution, with the intention to learn throughout the ongoing processes. 

Here are six training tips for winning more sales.

1. Teach Content Creation Strategies

Content creation means the ability to create a presentation for potential or current customers that will encourage them to make a purchase. It’s mostly mistaken for the role of marketing and social media teams within a business. However, content creation should be cut across levels and positions and not left only for a certain department.

Pitching a presentation about your products or services isn’t only on social media or traditional marketing platforms such as newspapers. It can also take place whenever any business member holds conversations within the market.

For instance, if your business decides to participate in an expo, content creation is how the team interacts with people who visit your stall. The words and phrases used, body language dynamics, and subtle calls to action during the interactions can win sales. 

Significantly, there’s a demand for sales enablement within businesses, where team members learn how to create effective content to utilize when speaking with clients and customers in order to gain higher sales.

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2. Emphasize Uniform Communication Practices  

How clients feel when interacting with you can make or break your sales. Your team should have a standard mode of communication where the goal is to make the clients and customers feel appreciated.

There are many ways to standardize your communication practices. For instance, you can train your team to answer a phone call on the third ring. Or it could be as simple as greeting the customer using specific salutation words. These are all communication and marketing strategies that can increase business profitability. 

Nevertheless, the more satisfied your customers are with your service, the more likely they’ll want to work with you again. 

3. Provide Experts For The Team To Shadow

You can start involving your team in the different sales dynamics by giving them a chance to shadow sales experts. This means that each team member or group is assigned an individual who has been winning sales for the company. The team then follows the expert into the field to observe how they interact with potential clients. 

By shadowing, team members can observe the expert’s body language, pitch, angle, and responses when it comes to sales calls. Team members can then develop their styles of execution by incorporating the strategies that they’ve seen and learned from the expert.

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4. Encourage On-Field Training

On-field training means allowing your team members to make sales calls without your assessment or interference. The goal is that as they execute their sales calls, they take note of their successes, failures, strengths, and weaknesses. 

Having taken note of their first-hand experience, they’re in a position to apply what they’ve learned to the next sales call mandates. However, you need to create a space where the team members aren’t afraid to fumble or deliver weak results. 

If the team members feel as if they’re under intense pressure to perform, they may become anxious and sabotage their abilities. Therefore, the training period should serve as a learning ground to help them grow into better salespeople.

5. Work On Image Perception

Sales calls aren’t solely digital or telephonic, as there are countless times that the salesperson has to interact with the public. Image matters when it comes to how the public responds to any unforeseen communication. Hence, you can train your staff on how to present themselves image-wise. 

Perhaps you can have a dress code or a uniform to represent your company. Depending on the image you’d like your team to portray in public, it’s worth discussing and exhibiting during training sessions. The goal is for the public to be open to hearing the sales pitches, and image perception can either make it possible or not. 

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6. Review Sales Wins and Losses

During training, it’s important to review sales wins and losses from the past. A review means analyzing why the sales were high in one certain period and why they weren’t in the next. 

On the other hand, you can analyze whether the pitch style, communication strategy, or personal dynamics influenced the outcome. Having collected this data, you can create a strategic plan for sales calls that the team can implement.


Increasing sales takes meticulous planning and strategic execution for business success. Your team requires training in content creation regarding the products or services and effective communication. 

In addition, training can also be in the form of shadowing experts so that they can incorporate sales strategies into their styles. You can also encourage them to make sales calls and review themselves to understand their strengths and weaknesses. 

Furthermore, a constant review of successes and drawbacks during training sessions also helps equip the team with better tools for future sales calls.

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