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If you thought that the old-fashioned way of conducting the skill tests during recruitment drives was over, you were wrong. There is no doubt that the 21st century has only brought in automation and made skill tests cheaper, faster, and more effective than ever. But with the emergence of LMSs (learning management systems), such as Accord software, has brought forth a new approach to skill testing. Let’s take a look at this interesting method of hiring talent.

What is a skill test?

HR plays a pivotal role in building and maintaining an organization. All aspects of employee relations, recruitment, benefits, compensations, and training are handled by LMS. One of the most important steps in recruitment is to determine whether the candidate has the required skills to perform the job. This is where skill-testing comes in handy.

Today’s Learning Management System (LMS) solution for businesses is vastly different from a decade ago. Nowadays, the LMS is no longer associated with just imparting training to its employees but has evolved enormously over the years to provide comprehensive services to the HR department.

In every industry, recruitment drives have gone digital since the pandemic hit. And data reveals that almost 75% of organizations are looking at implementing a Learning Management System (LMS) to ease the process and increase accuracy.

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With online learning platforms like Learning Management Systems (LMS), carrying out skill tests for recruits has become much easier. Benefits of using an LMS to streamline skill tests include:

1. Ensure timely delivery of the test results

 An LMS is a great tool to keep track of the progress of all your candidates across multiple devices at one go. This means that you can conduct your skill test in one go instead of multiple times, wherever the candidate is. By using an LMS, you can keep track of all your recruitment progress as well as individual candidates.

2. Creating an online test is easy

HR managers can use these systems to create online tests and interview questions that recruiters, who may be located in different parts of the world, can access at any time to identify skills potential candidates may possess. Learning management systems are designed for ease of use, so it’s relatively simple to create tests using them. These tests will typically be multiple choice and can have up to 100 questions each.

3. Rating candidate scores is easy

Since LMSs let you set the difficulty level of each test, you have full control over the kind of information you’re looking for from candidates. This makes it easier for HR managers to identify those candidates who would make good additions to their company’s workforce. By using an LMS during your recruitment drive, you’ll be able to accurately gauge candidate skill levels and hire accordingly.

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4. LMS helps to uncover a range of skills:

An LMS will enable you to test candidates on several different skills, meaning that you have a far better chance of uncovering exactly what they can do for your business.

5. LMS can validate employer branding

Employer branding on the platform is maintained through skill-testing and online interviews conducted on the LMS. LMS can also be used to record feedback from candidates, previous employees, and gain attention from social media for a search of potential candidates.


When it comes to hiring, HR managers and recruiters nowadays are always on the lookout for competitive talent that can contribute to the overall growth of their company. This is why, when you have a recruitment drive in progress, you should be using an LMS (Learning Management System) for skill tests because LMS is convenient, saves, time, money, is more accurate, and allows employer branding.

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