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Cryptocurrencies trading is a popular way to make a profit online sitting at home or even trading from a smartphone. Crypto exchanges and platforms are evolving, offering numerous earning options for user convenience, applications that can be downloaded to a phone, convenient wallets for quick and efficient trades, and so on. Picking a crypto platform for trading is no less important than pocking an asset for trading.

How do we select an asset to buy? The smartest way is to avoid hype but to choose coins by their technology and use cases. For example, there are “empty” and useless coins in the market, such as Dogecoin, for example. They are popular, but they do not have any technological content or application. So they are too changeable amid the news background and hype. On the contrary, you should pay attention to maybe less popular but technologically rich projects that benefit the industry and have applications in real life. For example, the Chainlink project.

In this article, we will discuss the key features of this project and its price changes and forecasts and offer you an option on how to buy Chainlink.

What is Link?

Chainlink is a crypto platform that is used by real sector companies that aim to integrate blockchain technology into their work processes and establish efficient work through smart contracts. Chainlink connects off-chain companies with such popular smart-contract platforms as Solana and Ethereum. 

Let’s mention its features briefly:

  • Link is a Chainlink native token that takes part in smart contracts.
  • The project was founded in 2017.
  • As of mid-November 2022, the Link price is $6.29.
  • It is a decentralized network.

Looking at the year’s price changes, we can see the Link price fluctuates between  $34.75 and $6.20. In 2022, the market collapsed, and now we all witness a downtrend. 

Analysts believe that Link’s value will increase to $101 in 2028, provided that the project lives through this “crypto winter” and develops further. 

You may keep track of the Chainlink live price on the WhiteBIT exchange. It offers convenient conditions for trading and investing even a beginner will handle on the first try.

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