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What we mean when we talk about “business messaging” is a network of communication channels between businesses and their customers. The capacity to have a real-time dialogue with a company is necessary for today’s consumer landscape. Text messaging, often known as SMS or short message service, is by far the most popular means of business communication. 

If you’re a company thinking about how to stay competitive in the coming year, one option is to adopt new forms of technology that facilitate better communication. As the year draws to a close, let’s go a little further and examine the business messaging trends we may use in 2023.

Growing Interest in Targeted SMS Marketing

Use personalized SMS messages to make your customers feel cared for and valued. SmarterHQ reports that 72 % of clients will only interact with messages specifically targeted to their preferences. 

Automatic messages are more likely to be read and responded to if given a human touch. Despite the widespread use of short message service (SMS) marketing, only some SMS campaigns use individual details like birthdays, anniversaries, or other special events.

Marketers and content producers may use this information smartly to boost sales and consumer commitment. Since SMS is one of the most personal ways to get in touch with people, it will be crucial in allowing companies to get to know their customers on a deeper level, which in turn will allow them to provide them with more useful offers and a better overall experience.

The internet is rife with options for businesses seeking a business SMS provider. One of the good providers is esendex SMS, which allows you to send bulk SMS messages online using either your email account or their web platform.

Increased Use of SMS

Having a massive 20-30% conversion rate, SMS is increasingly becoming a popular marketing channel for driving sales and, thus, revenue. In addition, daily text volume exceeds 6 billion, and nine out of ten customers also want to get text messages from brands.

There are numerous ways in which text messaging might complement an existing marketing plan. SMS can be used to distribute valuable tips and short pieces of content that your audience will surely appreciate and read. Offering discounts and promotions tailored to each customer’s purchasing habits is another great way to retain them as devoted brand supporters.

Metaverse Communication

The Metaverse is an additional platform for marketing and advertising professionals to interact with their target audiences. Business messaging is likely to influence the Metaverse’s further evolution, as often demonstrated by the discussions surrounding the trend. 

As people migrate to a digital and 3D version of themselves, reliable and convenient business messaging will play a vital part in the end-user experience. The potential for businesses to facilitate messaging in the virtual world is enormous, ranging from voice-to-text translations to virtual keyboards.

Omnichannel Messaging

To interact and communicate with people outside your traditional sphere of influence, you must adopt an omnichannel strategy for customer engagement.

Revenue growth and customer loyalty can only be achieved through the careful planning and execution of a conversational customer journey that provides multiple opportunities for customers and brands to begin talking to one another. If customers can get in touch with you quickly and easily, they will know they can count on you to be there for them in times of need.

When a company uses multi-channel marketing, it increases its chances of being seen and accepted by its target audience. However, before growing to multiple channels, ensure you have a coherent strategy that stays true to your brand’s identity. When building and maintaining client trust, consistency across channels is essential.

SMS-Based Cross-Selling

Companies can cross-sell products or provide discounts on future orders by texting clients with updates on their orders’ progress. Customers are increasingly turning to SMS for order updates as they try to avoid adding more pieces of junk to their overflowing inboxes. 

Transaction updates, like order confirmation and shipping/delivery alerts, are only two examples of the immediate value that can be delivered by text messaging for businesses.

To initiate interactions with clients and give them offers after making a purchase, you can employ SMS commerce on your website, emails, or social platforms. Use SMS to alert customers to related items they can add to their shopping cart before they pay.

AI Conversational Marketing

The term “conversational marketing” refers to promotional efforts that actively engage with target audiences. Chatbots, live chat, voice assistants, and other conversational AI are all viable options for this. With the help of AI, businesses can tailor their messages to each individual client and build lasting relationships with them on a massive scale.

Recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) have increased the prevalence of technology in software products. These developments will eventually penetrate SMS software. Thus, more and more chatbots powered by artificial intelligence will be stepping in to handle customer inquiries, complete tasks, and process orders with little to no human interference.

Final Thoughts

Businesses have faced economic instability this year, but as with all setbacks, there are a number of opportunities that forward-thinking and proactive companies may capitalize on. We hope you can take advantage of each business communication trend we’ve covered in this post and grow your company in 2023.

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