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Double stacking is a common problem for LTL carriers. In most cases, it’s not something that can be prevented entirely, but there are things you can do to help prevent it from happening at all. For instance, some companies provide businesses with packing supplies and make transportation of your goods safe.

This blog will introduce you to the ways how you can avoid double stacking. 

What Is A Double Stacking Pallet?

Double stacking pallets are a term used to describe having two or more units of an item packed on top of each other. This can be in the form of a single box that has been taped together or in the form of multiple boxes with tape.

In either case, this practice causes damage to the product and can lead to breakages and damaged goods if not properly handled during transit.

Double stacking is also considered against federal regulations because it makes shipments more difficult for transportation companies, who may have limited resources when transporting large packages at once (e.g., LTL carriers). 

Double stacking is a common practice in the logistics industry. It allows carriers to transport more goods simultaneously, reducing costs and increasing profits. This practice can be done with any pallet, but it’s most commonly associated with two or more stacked together.

Reasons Why LTL Carriers Double Stack Pallets

LTL carriers double-stack pallets for several reasons. The most common is that it gives them more profit, can improve their efficiency, and save fuel costs.

Another reason is that they can transport multiple shipments at one time, reducing the carbon footprint on the environment by reducing fuel consumption.

More profits

The second reason to consider double stacking is that it will increase your profits. You can expect to make more money when you ship multiple packages simultaneously because they’re all going out on the same day and arriving at their destinations on schedule. This means that your shipping costs will be lower, which means more profit for you!

Transport multiple shipments at one time

You can also transport multiple shipments at one time. This is more cost-effective and will save you time, fuel, and carbon footprint.

Saving fuel costs

It’s important to remember that fuel costs are a big part of an LTL carrier’s overhead. They account for almost half of the total cost of an LTL shipment. If you can avoid double stacking, you will save money and reduce emissions!

There are several ways to reduce the weight of pallets. Some of them are discussed below. 

How To Prevent LTL Carriers From Double-Stacking Pallets?

You can prevent double stacking by identifying when it’s going to happen. For example, if you have a shipment of pallets marked fragile due to their size or weight and need extra protection, ensure that your drivers are aware of those stickers. 

If you have packages that require extra handling because they contain fragile items or have special needs (such as oversized items), then place them on the bottom of each truck’s load—this way, if there is no room for two stacks above each other in one truck, at least one set will not be stacked on top of another!

  • Identify when it’s going to happen

When you know that your package is going to be double stacked, there are some things that you can do in advance of the pickup or shipment. You should know your carrier’s policies and contact them before they pick up your package, so they know exactly what is happening with their shipment and if there are any issues associated with shipping multiple packages at once. 

It’s also helpful for them to know when this may happen so they can be prepared for it when it does happen. However, keep in mind that not all carriers will allow this type of processing (some only allow one package per day). Thus, it would be best if you recorded it in their system. 

  • Please make sure you have fragile stickers on all your packages that need extra protection and that the drivers know them

If you send out a package with a fragile sticker attached to it, the driver will know not to drop it during the journey. However, there’s no guarantee that this will happen! 

If your package is dropped and damaged in transit (or if someone opens its contents), then it might not be obvious whether or not they applied a protective sticker correctly – so make sure they do! And if they don’t? Well…don’t panic just yet. There are still ways we can help!

  • Do not over-pack your freight, and avoid using corrugated boxes with unstable bottoms

Do not over-pack your freight and avoid using corrugated packaging boxes with unstable bottoms. Use strong, durable pallets instead of wood blocks or other materials.

Use a sturdy pallet with a strong base and wheels that are not too light or too heavy so that they can easily be moved when stacked on top of each other inside the container during shipment.

Avoid using weak pallets that may break under pressure during the loading/unloading at the destination port or airport terminal building.

  • Ensure proper shrink wrapping

Ensure proper shrink wrapping, if possible, especially for large items like truck tires and rims prone to shifting during transit.

Use plastic wrap or bubble wrap around the outside of your shipping box to keep it secure during transit and prevent any dust or moisture from getting into your shipment during delivery.

Provide extra protection against tear gas attacks by using a gas mask (battery-powered), which you can purchase online at Amazon for about $15/each!

Contact your carrier and make sure your request is recorded in their system to avoid any mix-ups. You must contact the shipping company as soon as possible, including a phone number where they can reach you and confirm that everything was received.

Hire a third-party logistics provider (3PL) 

If you want to prevent double stacking, consider using a third-party logistics provider (3PL) that can provide customized shipping supplies for your needs. This can help you avoid problems like shipping items back and forth between different carriers or having them stacked on top of each other in the truck.

When choosing an appropriate 3PL for your business, ensure they have experience shipping high-value orders with sensitive information. They should also have access to additional resources like couriers and warehouses that are available close by so that they can pick up shipments quickly when needed—this will save time on every transaction and money spent on fuel costs!


We hope that our guide to preventing double stacking has helped you understand the issue better and be able to identify it in your shipments. 

We also encourage you to contact your packaging products supplier if you still have questions or concerns or need assistance with any of these topics.

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