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Margex Exchange is a top and leading digital asset trading and investment platform providing traders with a cutting-edge trading infrastructure globally. The cryptocurrency derivatives is founded on a belief that everyone should enjoy equal and unrestricted wealth-building opportunities no matter who you are or where you come from. 

The Margex Exchange mission is straightforward, giving traders access to a fair, secure, and easy-to-use platform with the highest class of financial technologies worldwide. The exchange provides cryptocurrency leverage trading around the globe with the exception of the United States of America, the Republic of Seychelles, Cuba, Syria, North Korea, Crimea, Sevastopol, Bermuda, Iran, Sudan, and Afghanistan. 

Some renowned industry analysts seemingly agree with Mergex being a leader in the field. 

Why Margex is the leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchanges

Though still warm from the oven, the Margex Exchange has grown to become a leading cryptocurrency derivatives exchange guiding hundreds of traders globally. It is a reliable way to trade bitcoin with up to 100x leverage.

In addition, Margex recently partnered with OpenMonet to allow for suitable cryptocurrency payment options. OpenMonet’s extensive peer-to-peer is an unparalleled solution to the fast-growing crypto world. It eliminates any communication chances between the buyer and seller through the entire trading process. Tapping into this solution, Margex has significantly increased the speed and enhanced the convenience of trading on their platform. 

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As a result, this partnership fosters Margex’s position as an industry leader in cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals. Users can conveniently access bitcoin directly on their derivative exchange in a few well-outlined steps;

  1. Open the wallet section on Margex and click deposit.
  2. Pick your suitable payment option.
  3. Choose the country of residence. 
  4. Pick on the best offer. 
  5. Complete your purchase.

Key Features of Margex

A derivatives trading platform, Margex supports only asset derivatives and not the actual assets. The exchange allows for maximum risk trading on deals with up to 100x on leverage and administers a whopping 40% on fees and commissions on all referees. This might not seem as much at face value, but 40% is still a lot considering that whenever someone makes a move, you get 40% on that.


Margex understands that data is the most valuable asset in the IT-driven blockchain industry. The platform values your data privacy hence safeguards the right not to disclose any of your personal information. 

Secure Trading 

The cryptocurrency is highly volatile and prone to system or price manipulation that can affect the trade. To curb this, Margex uses a highly practical and highly scalable infrastructure type to enhance security in trade, including during peak trade hours. Margex pulls this by combining the very best of cryptocurrency and bank-grade security standards. Also, all the assets on these cryptocurrency derivatives are stored in cold offline wallets. 

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Price manipulation is a common challenge in the crypto trade, which has been encountered on numerous occasions. To tame any form of price manipulation, Margex has deployed the use of MP Shield®, a unique development available exclusively on the Margex platform. This helps them protect their clients from price manipulation drawbacks that often trigger unfair liquidation on other platforms.


Margex has invested heavily in the user experience to ensure that the traders are in total control. Every bit of information is available to them, from the submission of your order to its execution. 

Extensive payment options

It’s important to note that Margex also provides extensive payment methods, including credit card, Paypal, wire transfer, among many other options. All these features add up to make Margex a leading cryptocurrency trading platform and with an unrivaled top user experience. 

There is no doubt Margex is the leading cryptocurrency trading platform that allows traders to reap profits regardless of the market’s movements. You can also benefit from the practical and effective long and short orders on Margex that are available up to 100x leverage on most trading pairs such as Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Yearn. Finance, Litecoin, and EOS. 

Check out Margex for an exceptional trading experience, harness your trading skills, and significantly increase your profits by tapping on its extensive range of tools.   

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