More Ways for Dog and Cat Lovers to Make Money

Rich Mintzer’s new book, Start Your Own Pet Business, takes a deep dive into how to launch and grow your dream animal-based business. In this excerpt, we’ll look at expected and unexpected services many pet owners would be thrilled to have you take on.

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The basics

Any service business needs to offer certain basic, expected services. Pet-sitters also need to have a core offering that their customers can expect. The four basic services you provide for pet owners are:

  1. Feeding.
  2. Making sure a dog gets out to do his business or a cat’s litter box is cleaned out regularly
  3. Taking a dog out for some exercise.
  4. Making sure the pet does not destroy the house, doesn’t run away, and stays out of trouble.

Those are the core services of a pet sitter or walker, and here are some additional services you can add that will bring in extra revenue without adding much extra time or energy to your job.

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Simple grooming

Think about what pet owners need to do outside of feeding, walking, and changing litter boxes. You can come up with an hourly rate to do simple grooming (combing and trimming when necessary), brushing teeth, and, if you are comfortable and skilled with clippers, you can include nail clipping as an add-on service.


Depending on the length of time the owner is away, you can offer to wash the dog or cat beds, blankets, and, of course, outdoor sweaters for chilly days. As animal lovers know, their fur gets everywhere, so you can also offer to run a few loads of laundry on the humans’ behalf so they come home to nice, fresh, fur-free sheets.


Beyond going outside to take care of their business, dogs need some daily exercise. Again, you can arrange bonus playtime (playing fetch in the backyard, chasing squeak toys in the house) as an add-on service to your normal walking duties. Playdates with nearby doggy buddies are also a great way for pooches to get out some energy and have some fun.

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Other household services

While owners are away, you can offer a simple home-care package that includes getting the mail, picking up the newspaper, and other simple house-sitting functions. If overnight stays work for you, you can offer them not just as a way to give clients piece of mind about their pets, but also so that their house isn’t essentially being left vacant for a week. Routine vet visits are another thing people may happily pay a little extra to have taken care of while they’re sipping mai tais on the beach.

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