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With tech leading the way in all areas of business, marketing trends are always changing. More than ever, it’s important to stay up-to-date with industry marketing trends, so you can ensure your business remains top-of-mind every time. 

Nowadays, where you target your attention really matters. Clients appreciate brands that go the extra mile to predict and meet their needs. The brands that can foresee their clients’ next steps are sure to stay ahead of their competitors. 

Have a solid marketing plan

Most companies rely on a combination of an outbound and an inbound b2b marketing agency. Allowing them to make the most of their in-house marketing efforts, relying on outbound expertise where they need it. At Keo Marketing, they know how to deliver expert leads and sales thanks to their 20 years of marketing experience. 

According to the experts there, to achieve your marketing goals, you need to know who you’re targeting and how you’re going to get potential clients to bite. Your marketing plan will guide the processes, innovations and strategies you use to target existing and potential accounts. The failure to prepare for the profits you want will ensure that you never get there. 

Multi-channel marketing

To be where your clients are, you need to cover as many popular channels in your niche. Whether you believe in email marketing or social media, your marketing strategy should operate on the same channels that your client-base flocks to.

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The importance of mobile cannot be stressed enough. It’s predicted that, by the end of 2021, there will be about 7.1 billion mobile users. With a device in nearly everyone’s pockets, you must pay attention to your mobile presence. If your site or shop front isn’t optimized for mobile, there’s an entire world of business that you’re missing out on. 

Customer retention

It’s a lot easier to sell your products to existing customers. So, how are you ensuring that those business partnerships are taken care of? You’ve got to keep your existing business network happy. They are more likely to refer your business to others. Other than generating leads, your returning clients are your gateway to better profits. 

So, how do you maintain an existing client base? Well, you need to make sure that they’re given attention by ways of solid communication, customer care and support, as well as showing them some appreciation. You can do this through discounted offers and webinars. In 2019 about 75% of B2B buyers had attended webinars, and 2021 shouldn’t be any different.

AI and automation

Another important element of the digital era is the evolution and rise of AI. 

Almost 1 in every 5 businesses makes use of AI tech in some way. Their goal is to improve research, analysis and automate processes through the use of AI. 

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From Chatbots, apps and websites, AI can be integrated into all areas of your B2B marketing strategy. And as a result, the data you procure will only help you improve your business processes by informing your decisions with actionable results, additionally refining your marketing strategies, which is sure to boost profits. 

ABM trending

Account-based marketing (ABM) can improve your strategy and plan further than lead generation. It’s a great way to engage existing clients. And LinkedIn has proven to be the most important instrument for ABM by far. You have access to high-quality leads. 

B2B users on the platform have seen over 80% leads generated for their company. With ABM taking place on LinkedIn, you can access larger accounts and a higher chance of engaging with companies in your niche. What’s more, with ABM, you are able to hone into and target your most valued (high ROI) accounts. 

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