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Since today’s marketing schemes focus on delivering quality marketing materials to their audience quickly, the need to share them intensifies systematically. 

And with digital marketing entering the business operations arena, tools that help escalate their lead gathering and lead to customer conversions changes over time emerges. 

Many marketers are confused about which marketing tool they should use to expand their brand exposure offline and online through their emergence. 

With many marketing tools available online, many marketers render more time and resources to find and sort the crucial tools in their campaigns. 

As there are more than ten marketing tool types that modern marketers can incorporate in their current and future campaigns, this article will only focus on the five essential types of marketing tools. 

Five essential types of marketing tools companies and marketers can use today

As modernization dramatically affects how marketers promote their products or service to the public, the need to keep up with the changes made by this global phenomenon started. 

With various marketing issues encountered throughout the promotional and conversion phase, here are five of the essential marketing tool types that you can use today and improve your customer acquisition and service online. 

1. Automation Software

Automation software allows marketers to easily manage their marketing workflow with a few commands made in one go. By integrating this type of tool, you can smartly arrange your workflow without exerting more physical effort. CRM tools made by HubSpot and Zapier are one of the automation software marketers can use to improve their workflow.

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2. Social Media Marketing tools

Social media is becoming one of the most visited types of websites people go to to communicate and exchange ideas. Amassing more than 2 billion users daily, marketers targeting social media have more successful lead-to-customer conversion rates than those who don’t integrate them. 

Social media marketing tools like Buffer and Buzzsumo are some tools that they can incorporate to schedule their next viral social media posts cleverly.

3. Website tools or web tools

To measure the online traffic your business will gain, you need to have a strong domain that will serve as your primary digital office to close deals. As this will serve as your prime place for all the products or services, it is essential to integrate website tools that will help improve their webpage experience. 

4. Content marketing tools

Content is the backbone of a marketing campaign, and without it, your envisioned marketing strategies will not take place. As a great deal can be done with the help of content, planning out your following proposal with content marketing tools like SEMRush and Ahrefs is highlighted. 

5. Email marketing tools

As competitive other marketing channels are becoming today, one marketing channel still has its touch in converting leads to customers. And that is email marketing. 

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With email marketing still an essential part of modern marketing, leaving out this technique is can be a significant loss for you. Because of that, this tool type is highlighted by marketing experts. 

How to interlink the five types of marketing tools with QR codes and maximize your marketing strategies?

With the following marketing tools being identified, you will continue planning out your next viral marketing campaign. 

And creating a phenomenal marketing strategy can be challenging at most. One technological tool that extensively defined the new normal drive can help them expand their exposure online: QR codes. 

With the availability of a QR code generator with logo online, you can easily interlink these types of marketing tools and boost your online and offline presence by following these QR code marketing means. 

1. Use them to create a phygital marketing experience for customers

With technology becoming a part of our physical activities, many brands and companies are embracing technology in their physical marketing gestures in product unraveling events. 

To make them possible, you can place a QR code in some of your physical marketing materials and lead them to a digital space by scanning the code. 

2. Gateway for increasing social media engagements

You can integrate QR codes as a gateway for increasing your engagements on social media online. By incorporating a social media QR code into your product packaging, offline and digital marketing materials, you can create an easy way for customers to further connect with 

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3. Offline to the online portal for gathering more leads

By integrating QR codes into your offline and online marketing means, you can also incorporate these codes to serve as a portal for gathering vital visitor information that will tailor the content that will fit their business needs. 


Marketing with technology has created new opportunities for most marketers today. And with every chance made, the competition between niche-related companies tightens. As a result, many marketers are looking for technological tools that can help them outwit their competitors. 

With QR codes as one of the tools used today, marketers can interlink their current marketing technologies by integrating the use of a QR code generator with logo online and make a lead-attracting QR code that will hook your target audience to learn more about your product or service.

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