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Ben Affleck Reveals Why He’s ‘Disturbed’ By Wife Jennifer Lopez’s Favorite Show

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When your wife is Jennifer Lopez, the most stunning woman in the world, no one will blame you for getting a little jealous now and then. Ben Affleck proved that point during his recent appearance on the The Bill Simmons Podcast, where he hilariously let it slip that he was concerned by J.Lo’s new obsession with the show Yellowstone, in particular, how much she “loves” the romance featuring Ben’s former, and quite hunky, Good Will Hunting costar Cole Hauser!

Ben Affleck quipped that he was concerned about Jennifer Lopez’s love of a character on ‘Yellowstone.’ (AbacaPress / SplashNews.com)

“I’m kind of disturbed by the fact that my wife really likes ‘Yellowstone’ and part of me thinks that she’s really drawn to the romance between Cole Hauser and the woman who plays his wife,” Ben joked on the podcast, after he was asked about Cole’s newfound popularity from the show, where he plays rancher Rip Wheeler, husband of Beth Dutton (Kelly Reilly).

Ben claimed that Jen even showed him a clip of Rip and Beth on Instagram. “And then she was like, ‘I love this story of these two.’ And I was like, ‘Wait a minute — with Cole? Cole Hauser? What do you love about it?’” Ben quipped, feigning jealousy, before sweetly adding, “[Cole] is great on the show.”

Cole Hauser plays Rip Wheeler on ‘Yellowstone.’ (Everett Collection)

Ben and Cole’s Good Will Hunting costar, Matt Damon, was also on the podcast and chimed in with his praises for Cole as well. “To tell you the truth, I was always mystified that Cole wasn’t a giant movie star,” Matt claimed, adding Cole has “pure, raw talent” as an actor. Ben then gave another shout out to his wife’s favorite cowhand, saying, “He is very convincing as that guy. I think America believes he is Rip. He’s perfect.”

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Cole Hauser on ‘Good Will Hunting’ set. (Everett)

The “Jenny From The Block” singer will have to wait a bit to get her Rip and Beth fix, as Yellowstone is in the midst of its fifth season — and some behind-the-scenes drama — and scheduled to return with all-new episodes in the fall of 2023, fingers crossed. “We’ll see what’s next, but right now I’m focused on giving you guys 5B, you’ve been waiting for it a little while!” Cole told the audience an appearance at the Houston Rodeo & Livestock Show in March, per FOX26News. “But we’re trying to go back to work in May, so hopefully that’ll happen.”

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