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David Dobrik Announces Break From Social Media in New Apology Video – E! Online

Zeglaitis declined to comment to Business Insider about the allegations. E! News reached out to Zeglaitis for comment on March 16 and has not heard back. 

“I want to start this video off by saying I fully believe the woman who came out against Dom…As it was reported, the next day, I got consent to post the video. Even though I got the consent to post that video, I should have never posted it,” Dobrik said in his new video. “What I understand now and I didn’t understand before is that she sent that text because she felt like she had to, not because she wanted to and that’s f–ked up and I’m sorry. When she later reached out a couple months later to take that video down, I immediately took it down and I wanna apologize to her and her friends for ever putting them in an environment that I enabled that made them feel like their safety and values were compromised. I’m so sorry.”

“I was completely disconnected from the fact that when people were invited to film videos with us,” he continued, “especially videos that relied on shock for views or whatever it was, that I was creating an unfair power dynamic. I did not know this before. It was completely wrong and I wish I was more responsible and I wish was more aware at the time and I’m so sorry I missed that. I was more aware at the time.”

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“I didn’t know what was going on in that room,” he added, “and I should’ve been, I should’ve been there and I should’ve been making sure that everybody involved was taken care of and wasn’t uncomfortable.”

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