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The History of Jennifer Aniston’s Adorable Friendship With Adam Sandler – E! Online

Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler had already known each other for more than 20 years by the time they made their first movie together, 2011’s Just Go With It.

They were practically still kids—”We were, like, 14,” Aniston recalled on Jimmy Kimmel Live, exaggerating only a bit—when they met in Los Angeles. She was dating one of the Sandman’s buddies (who has always remained nameless), but while that guy’s not part of picture, Aniston and Sandler bonded over the complimentary pickles at Jerry’s Deli and started a friendship that’s still going strong decades later.

“I love her,” Sandler, 56, told E! News at the premiere of Murder Mystery 2 earlier this week. “She’s solid as a rock, she’s in great shape, she’s funny, she’s cool. She let’s me do her hair…Ever since ‘the Rachel,’ I took over, I fluff it up just right.”

Intriguing, but Aniston, 54, had told E! moments before that her pal Sandler “likes to create rumors that aren’t true, just for fun.”

He sounds like quite the handful, but the good times they’ve always had together—making movies and just hanging out in real life—more than make up for any shenanigans. Asked if they’re always making each other laugh on set, Aniston replied, “We don’t try, we just do.” 

So there may be no mystery as to why they get along, but Sandler has admitted he never predicted that he and Aniston would become two of the most successful entertainers of their generation, let alone their respective high school classes.

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