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‘Beckett’ Trailer Has John David Washington Back in Action on Netflix

Netflix has released a new trailer for Beckett. The upcoming action/thriller is led by John David Washington, who is coming…

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Will Vincent D’Onofrio Return as Kingpin in ‘Hawkeye’?

A newly emerged rumor is sure to have fans of Vincent D’Onofrio’s iteration of Daredevil villain The Kingpin excited, as…

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‘Easy A’ Might Get a Sequel, But Will Emma Stone Return?

A sequel to the 2010 teen comedy hit Easy A starring Emma Stone is reportedly in the works, with star…

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Sylvester Stallone Shows Off New Ring for ‘The Expendables 4’

With his new edit of Rocky IV completed, Sylvester Stallone is apparently back to work on The Expendables 4. In…

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‘Skull’ May Not Be the Title of Disney’s ‘Predator’ Movie After All

Some fans weren’t quite sure how to take the name Skull when it was reported as the title of the…

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Tom Hanks Takes on His First-Ever Wes Anderson Movie

Tom Hanks has been given the secret knock to Wes Anderson’s exclusive clubhouse. It’s reported that the two-time Oscar winner…

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‘Deadpool’ Star T.J. Miller Has Charges Dropped in Fake Bomb Threat Case

Actor and comedian T.J. Miller will not face federal charges for the 2018 fake bomb threat after Connecticut prosecutors dismissed…

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‘Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two’ Review: A Riveting Conclusion to The DC Comics Epic

Batman: The Long Halloween, Part Two brings the epic crime drama and murder mystery to a thrilling conclusion. Gotham City’s…

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Norman Reedus Is Johnny Blaze in New MCU Fan Art After Lobbying for ‘Ghost Rider’ Role

Norman Reedus is Johnny Blaze in a new piece of Ghost Rider fan art, leading to some fans wondering why…

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Jason Momoa Fights Dave Bautista in Epic New ‘See’ Season 2 Trailer

It’s the sight we’ve been all waiting for. Hollywood titans Jason Momoa and Dave Bautista will face-off in the second…

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