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Is ‘WandaVision’ Teasing the Multiverse Via a Superhero from an Alternate Reality?

It has already been established that WandaVision will be setting the stage for future MCU films like Spider-Man 3 and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Both have been confirmed to take the highly anticipated dive into the multiverse. And while Wanda’s reality warping powers do mean that she will probably be the one to rip a giant hole in the fabric of reality and erase the barrier between multiple universes, it appears that the Disney+ series has already teased the inevitable- by subtly hiding a superhero from an alternate reality in plain sight- Dottie. 

Till now, there have been many theories floating around like how Dottie, the by-default Queen-bee of Westview is actually the Devil, i.e, Mephisto in disguise, given the fact that she is the “key to everything” in the town, actually uttered that “the devil is in the details,” and does come off as domineering, that too in an unnerving way. 

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Some have even pitched that she is Clea, the Sorceress Supreme of the Dark Dimension in disguise who appears as the disciple and lover of Doctor Strange in the comics, and postulated that her appearance will ultimately connect to the upcoming Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Well, we have another theory and it too leads right into the multiverse mayhem Marvel has planned for us. 

Dottie is the superhero Arcanna from Earth-712

Since the first episode of WandaVision, we have been introduced to many constant characters in the ever-changing town of Westview. But one character stuck out, though not because of any particular qualities. What sent our brain cogs on a major sprint is his name- Phil Jones, played by David Lengel, who is Wanda and Vision’s neighbour. 

Anyone who paid no attention to the timid Jones and wrote him off as a comic side character should know that there is actually a Phil Jones in the Marvel Comics. Given that there are hardly any details that the Marvel bosses add just for the sake of it, we will go forward with the notion that naming this character Phil Jones hides a unique motive. While Phil is barely in the limelight in the comics either, what we are focusing on is who he is married to- the powerful sorceress/crime fighter/superhero, Arcanna. 

While Phil Jones hardly appeared in WandaVision episodes, the third episode has confirmed that in the series’ fake sitcom land, he is married to Dottie. This could hint that she is actually Arcanna, the character who first appeared in Defenders #112 in October 1982 and was created by JM De Matteis and Don Perlin. Unlike Marvel Universe, which is in Earth-616 in the comics, Arcanna was born on an alternate universe, Earth-712. She is a natural sorceress who had the power to manipulate all the natural elements- water, wind, earth, air, and fire. So, she can fly by displacing wind, alter light to create illusions and even shoot magical bolts of energy. 

Initially, Arcanna put her mystic powers to use by being a medium. But soon, she went on to become one of the members of the superhero group, Squadron Supreme who were parallels to DC’s Justice League, with Arcanna’s character being an imitated version of Zatanna. The group has often tangled as well as worked with the Avengers and were even once trapped on Earth-616. 

We have eagerly been waiting for Wanda’s make-shift reality to crumble when the illusion of Vision and her newborn twins eventually fades away and for her to create that rip in the fabric of reality whose ripples will be felt throughout the MCU. But what if it has already happened? It’s unlikely that Marvel Studios, who always does their homework, would particularly name a character Phil Jones for nothing. Maybe, in her grief over losing Vision, Wanda has already riddled the thin veil of reality with holes, while characters like Arcanna, from a different universe, were caught in the chaos and ended up in her pseudo reality?

Whatever may be the case, Dottie indeed comes across as a fishy character that probably has an ulterior motive of her own. While series star Elizabeth Olsen had earlier shared that from the fourth episode onwards, WandaVision will pick up pace with major revelations, all we can do is wait and watch. You can catch the latest episode of the series on the official Disney+ app.

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