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Joe Exotic Impersonator Has People Believing the Real ‘Tiger King’ Was Pardoned

Tiger King star Jeff Lowe was recently spotted with a man who looks and sounds just like Joe Exotic in Las Vegas. People began to wonder if former President Donald Trump came through with that often talked about pardon. However, that is not the case. The man spotted in the images is an impersonator, who has been hired to do a Las Vegas show. That didn’t stop fans of the Netflix series from thinking it was really Exotic when Lowe started posting images on social media.

Jeff Lowe’s Instagram account blew up over the weekend when he posted images and videos of himself with what appeared to be Joe Exotic. The man in the images definitely is not Exotic, but he does a spot-on impression and he looks just like him. Lowe and his wife, Lauren, had fun with the impersonator in Las Vegas over the weekend, where residents even believed that it was the real star of Netflix’s Tiger King.

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According to an unverified Twitter account, Joe Exotic is pretty angry with Donald Trump and Donald Trump Jr. right now. “I was too innocent and too gay to deserve a Pardon from Trump,” the 57-year-old allegedly tweeted last week. “I only mattered to Don Jr. when he needed to make a comment about me to boost his social media post. Boy were we all stupid to believe he actually stood for Equal Justice? His corrupt friends all come first.” However, Exotic is now shifting his focus to current president Joe Biden, who he believes will hand him down a real Presidential Pardon.

Joe Exotic is reportedly a big fan of Vice President Kamala Harris and believes that she and Joe Biden will offer to help him out. Exotic says that Harris is going to “help clean up the corruption in the Department of Justice and other agencies.” It is unclear if Harris and Biden will step in to give the Tiger King star a pardon, but it does not look like a real possibility, at least at this time.

Joe Exotic’s legal team was all set to have him released from prison last week and even ordered a stretch limo to wait for him. However, Donald Trump didn’t pardon him, so it didn’t happen.

Exotic says, “For the record, all I ever asked for was the truth and evidence to be told in my defense. All the big stuff limos, jets and buses was not my idea nor did I rent them. Now can we please concentrate on exposing the corruption and what they really did to me was wrong…” Exotic still wants Carole Baskin to be investigated and maintains that he is innocent. You can check out the Joe Exotic impersonator hanging out with Jeff Lowe above, thanks to the official Tiger King Park Instagram account.

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