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The Rock Shares Wild Fan Art That Combines His Best Characters Into One

Back before he became Hollywood royalty, in his wrestling days, Dwayne Johnson was known as The People’s Champ due to his connection with the crowds. That connection has endured and made Johnson one of the biggest stars in the world, with a long list of characters that he has played over the years. The actor recently shared a piece of fan art on Twitter containing most of his movie characters, with the following message.

The artwork covers a wide variety of appearances from Johnson over two decades. There is the Scorpion King which was Jonhson’s first onscreen role to establish his position in Hollywood as a viable leading man. There is the fat, teen version of the actor, who was created with the help of CGI for the movie Central Intelligence. There is also Hercules from the character’s standalone movie, Luke Hobbs from The Fast and The Furious, and Maui from Moana, along with the wrestling personas of the actor’s father and grandfather, and a sneaky appearance from BFF Kevin Hart in the bottom corner.

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Amusingly, a couple of references are also thrown in to The Rock’s numerous appearances on Saturday Night Live, from when he depicted a caveman opposite Chris Kattan, to a superhero with a keen fashion sense named Scorpio, to a wrestler who’s idea of trash-talking before a match is delivering brutal verbal psychological beatdowns on his opponents.

Some of the actor’s future roles are also present in the poster, most intriguingly the character of Black Adam. Johnson has been working hard to make his standalone Black Adam movie a reality for close to a decade now, and filming is soon officially set to begin on the feature.

As the fan art shows, the vast majority of characters that Johnson has played over the years have been good guys, who audiences root for in any given scenario. With Black Adam, the actor has revealed that he will be playing an out-and-out villain for the first time, who goes on a journey to becoming an anti-hero, and someday hopefully a hero.

As one of the most hardworking actors in Hollywood, Johnson’s calendar is very full for the coming years. Aside from Black Adam, the actor will also be seen in Jungle Cruise alongside Emily Blunt. Then there is the Fast and Furious sequel set for a 2022 release which Johnson is said to be a part of, signaling his triumphant return to the franchise after missing out on the last few installments. Finally, there is Netflix’s Red Notice, which will have Johnson teaming up with fellow superheroes Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot for an action-comedy thriller film written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber.

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