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Tobin Bell Has One Condition for Returning as John Kramer in the Saw Franchise

Actor Tobin Bell has climbed the ranks of horror movie villains to establish himself as one of the most iconic serial killers in fiction, in the role of John Kramer, the original Jigsaw Killer who was responsible for the start of the gory and trap-laden Saw franchise. Although Bell is no longer a part of the franchise, he recently told that a well-written script is all it would take to entice him to once again become Jigsaw.

“It’s about the writing, if the writing is great. John Kramer is a King Lear-sized character, in my view, there’s a huge range to him. He’s interested in a multiplicity of things, from theology to philosophy to music to art, you name it. It all comes down to the writing. Actors are always looking for great scripts and great characters. I’ve had the wonderful opportunity of playing this guy in, let’s see, one, two, three, four, five…eight films. Having an opportunity to develop him and to develop the people he cares about in those films, that’s been great. I can’t, frankly, prophesize about the future. You’ll have to wait and see.”

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In the original Saw, Kramer was a man who had been a civil engineer in his past life, with a loving wife and a child on the way. Things rapidly unraveled for Kramer when an accident killed his child in the womb, and he was diagnosed with cancer. Having had enough, Kramer tried to take his own life. After he survived the attempt, he was filled with a newfound appreciation for life, and resolved to pass on that epiphany to other people through the use of his engineering expertise and a series of deadly games going under the name Jigsaw.

Thus, the Jigsaw Killer was born and became one of the most famous slasher movie villains of recent times. The character was seemingly killed off later in the franchise, and his various trainees and victims took over the role of Jigsaw one by one. Still, fans have always declared that Tobin Bell‘s dead-eyed portrayal of Jigsaw remains unmatched by his successors in the series.

While Bell appears not to have shut the door on his return to the franchise, the Saw series is actually heading in a whole new direction at the moment. Comedian Chris Rock has joined up with Samuel L. Jackson, and filmmaker Darren Lynn Bousman, who was responsible for the original Saw films, to create a spinoff movie named Spiral: From the Book of Saw.

In the new movie, which is yet to be released, a new villain has emerged who appears to be following in the footsteps of the original Jigsaw Killer. While the setup makes it seem as though there will be a new serial killer in the story, fans are hoping Bell will be a part of the movie in some capacity, even if he does not turn out to be the main villain. This news comes to us from

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