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Why Highlander Is the Perfect Movie to Remake According to Original Star Clancy Brown

Audiences were introduced to the immortal warriors of Highlander way back in 1986, and while the franchise has since fizzled out, the first movie remains hugely popular with many excited to see what John Wick director Chad Stahelski does with his long-gestating reboot. Well, one fan who cannot wait to revisit the fantastical world of Highlander is the original’s villain Clancy Brown.

“It seems to me it’s the perfect movie to remake. You look back on it and that stuff is so cheesy that we did. Reimagined with today’s digital technology? That would just be great. I can’t wait for it to be done.”

Highlander follows the swordsman Connor MacLeod, who hails from the Scottish Highlands, and is known as the Highlander. MacLeod discovers that he is one of several immortal warriors who can be killed only by beheading. After initial training by another highly skilled immortal swordsman, Ramírez, MacLeod lives on for several centuries, eventually settling in New York City, managing an antique shop. Living somewhat peacefully, MacLeod must return to the battlefield to take on his greatest enemy.

In Highlander, Clancy Brown plies his trade as death metal icon The Kurgan, the nemesis of Christopher Lambert’s protagonist, Connor. A member of the Kurgan tribe, The Kurgan emerges in 1985 and travels to New York under the name “Victor Kruger” intending to kill the few remaining immortals and claim “The Prize,” a special ability which is given to the last living immortal warrior: vast knowledge and the ability to enslave the entire human race.

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Directed by Russell Mulcahy and based on a story by Gregory Widen, Highlander enjoyed little success on its initial theatrical release, grossing just over $12 million worldwide against a production budget of $19 million, as well as receiving mixed reviews. Over the years though, the movie has become something of a treasured 80s flick and cult-favorite, thanks in part to the soundtrack, which is now considered to be the pinnacle of the era.

The Highlander franchise has since spawned several sequels, something which Brown had no interest in being a part of.

“I didn’t want to participate in that franchise. The producers, I wasn’t a big fan of. I think it was a successful franchise in spite of itself. They screwed up the movie franchise so massively.”

Sadly, the actor has also recently stated that he does not expect to be a part of the upcoming reboot, either. “Oh, no. My character’s dead. He got his head cut off,” Brown asserted. “That’s not happening anymore. I’m looking forward to the reboot. I hope it gets done. I can’t wait. I would love to see it, but I don’t have any aspirations to be part of that franchise.”

While many will no doubt be disappointed to hear that Brown has no intention of The Kurgan making a comeback in the Highlander remake, the actor himself is ready to hand it all over to someone else. “It was of its time. There’s no reason for me to [return], I did my time. I did my bit. It’s time for other people to have fun with it,” he added.

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While the first movie is remembered fondly, the Highlander franchise is clearly ripe for a modern remake, and thankfully director Chad Stahelski is aiming to get things moving as soon as possible. “Highlander is very, very near and dear to what I want to do next,” Stahelski said earlier this year, before revealing his intention for the remake. “I’m really curious about what I can do with Highlander and how I reinvent the hero worship stuff,” he teased.

“Those fascinate me a lot. I just like more of the original properties that you can grow from as opposed to step into a number five or a number six. That’s all. Just choice.” This come to us from Yahoo.

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