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Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s HitRecord Unveils Commanding ‘Project Power’ Song Written by the World

Netflix’s new film, Project Power, tells the tale of a city taken over by a dangerous drug that grants superhuman abilities for five minutes.

With an all-star cast including Jamie FoxxJoseph Gordon-LevittDominique FishbackMachine Gun Kelly and more, the action-packed film is already one not to be missed, but the message is carried further. Netflix teamed up with Gordon-Levitt’s HitRecord, an online community for creative collaboration, calling on individuals worldwide to “define power.”

The final product, an original song and video to accompany the film, entirely created by people all over the world, was released today (Aug. 21) and it features 81 contributors taking on what they see as true power.

The rap cypher finds creatives of all ages, races and backgrounds unite under their definition of power, whether that’s intelligence, kindness, knowledge or overcoming adversity.

“When I’m in a movie that comes out it’s always fascinating to see what people say about it online, which can be lovely, as well as sort of soul-crushing, to be honest,” Gordon-Levitt said of the project in a statement to Billboard. “But seeing and hearing people’s heart-felt creativity that’s been inspired by the movie? That is purely uplifting for me. It is so much more intensely gratifying than any other feedback, good reviews, good numbers, whatever. I’ve said before but it bears repeating — for me, one of the greatest victories as an artist is to inspire someone else to express themselves. I’m sincerely grateful to everyone who collaborated on this song and music video, and I’m super proud of what we all made together.”

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Watch it below, and catch Project Power on Netflix.

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