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Upcoming music venue “Shotkickers” references the Simpsons

The Simpsons is the inspiration for a new music venue called “Shotkickers.” The new space is set to debut at the start of the new year in Australia.

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Musicians Christopher Windley and Mathias Northway made the decision to revamp the Melbourne venue and change the name to Shotkickers, a reference to the television show.

Shotkickers is a band venue Marge visits where the men are super rowdy yet super gentlemanly, and it seemed like a great mantra,” Windley says. “I also love Simpsons shitposting so hopefully I can claim to own the biggest Simpsons meme in town.”

The decision was not all just for laughs, however. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the music industry hard within the last two years, so Windley and Northway hope this venue can alleviate some of the burden artists have faced.

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“While reimagining the venue we’ve had the artist experience at the forefront of every decision,” Northway says. “Bands have had a rough trot of late and many incredible musicians live a stone’s throw away. We love the idea that bands could literally walk to the venue, backline is provided, booze is flowing and the sound system is top notch.”

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