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3 Things to Know About ‘Lost Gold of the Aztecs’

It’s rumored that, 500 years ago, Mexican Aztecs fleeing invading Spanish conquistadors buried a fortune in gold somewhere in the Southwest. In the new series Lost Gold of the Aztecs, three groups follow different sets of clues they believe will lead them to it.

Treasure hunter Dan Dillman (above center, with wife Gina and son Derrick) maps out their quest.

It’s personal

Dillman has Aztec ancestry and says he grew up listening to “fantastic” tales of the hoard: “My grandfather left behind his audio recordings and detailed records of locations, signs and symbols of what to look for at specific sites.” Also: Gabriel Villescas and his father, Ramon, have conquistador ancestors; the granddad of Kevin Hoagland (helped by friend Chris Hegg) was a U.S. marshal/treasure hunter.

You need more than a shovel

Tonight, scuba divers go on a risky recon in an underwater tunnel—Dillman believes the Aztecs hid the gold inside and then flooded it. “We’re in a remote area of Utah, so planning and safety are important,” he says. “There’s danger, but we push forward.” The searchers also use drones, heavy equipment and remote-controlled robots.

The curse of Montezuma hangs over it

According to legend, the famous Aztec emperor intended the gold for “the chosen ones” and promised “death to anyone [else] who tries to find the treasure and gets too close,” says Dillman, who believes his “pure intentions” will protect him. But what about the divers in the premiere who insist they’re hearing screams in their earpieces as they search?

Lost Gold of the Aztecs, Series Premiere, Tuesday, March 29, 10/9c, History

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