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Bachelor Host Jesse Palmer Says Zach Shallcross Is “Very, Very Happy” With How His Journey Ends – E! Online

There might be a happy ending in Zach Shallcross‘ future.

While the current Bachelor‘s journey is just starting to play out for viewers at home, host Jesse Palmer teased exclusively to E! News that Zach is “very, very happy” with how things eventually play out.

Jesse said Zach—who was introduced to Bachelor Nation as a contestant during Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia‘s season of The Bachelorette—entered the experience “genuinely looking for a wife,” and never wavered.

“I’ve been saying this is the most emotional season I’ve hosted and that’s what encapsulates it,” Jesse noted. “There is drama, but it’s not created. It’s all the real feelings that transpire throughout this journey.”

Much of the juiciest stuff this season, Jesse revealed, comes from Zach’s good nature and his desire not to let anybody down—which it a bit of a problem when there are 30 women vying for his attention, love and, ideally, marriage proposal. 

“The drama that comes in the season is based on people falling in love with Zach, and people getting their hearts broken,” he said. “And Zach being an emotional guy who doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, and wearing those emotions on his sleeve.”

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