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Chris Harrison Explains Tayshia’s’ Bachelorette Entrance

Clare’s season so far has been nothing if not unusual. She saw Dale get out of that limo and never looked back, despite how hard she might have tried to give the other guys a chance. Naturally, the other guys are mad and some fans are frustrated with Clare, but Chris—who has never witnessed anything like this in 18 years of hosting this franchise—doesn’t see the problem. 

“At the end of the day, Clare came here to find love,” he said. “She made no bones about it she was here to sincerely find the love of her life. If she did that in 10 weeks, great. If she did that in 10 days, great. The goal is for me to help her find love. If she does it early, I’ve done an even better job and I feel like that should go on my record.” 

People can have their opinions on the internet, he said, but why are we all so mad at someone for how they feel? 

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