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[Warning: The below contains MAJOR spoilers for Season 5, Episode 2 of 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

History repeats itself as couples ask for money, beg for forgiveness, and plead for their futures. Plus the last two couples—Paul and Karine, and Tania and Syngin—are introduced. There’s always room for more marital struggles, it seems.

Ex-Wife, Ex-Life

Colt returns to his hotel room, post-coital, with coffee in hand for new girlfriend Jess. “We had sex. It was great,” he eerily grins. However, Jess is less than enthusiastic. She’s still hung up on the fact that Colt hasn’t told his mother about their relationship.

“I didn’t want this to ruin our night because I wanted to have sex. But I feel Colt doesn’t care about me,” she explains.

Colt believes his mom Debbie will be upset that he’s dating another Brazilian woman so soon after his divorce from Larissa. Regardless, he promises Jess that he will tell Debbie about her.

The couple heads out to explore Chicago. Jess tells Colt she’s dated “six or seven” men during her six months in America. He says he’s jealous, but she teases that their sex life so far is more impressive. “I like sex with Colt because I’m the boss in the bedroom,” she laughs during a confessional. She states that all Brazilian women love sex, and without missing a beat, Colt complains that his ex-wife Larissa wasn’t as passionate about intimacy with him.

Colt_90 Day Fiancé; Happily Ever After_TLC


“I feel like my past relationship [with Larissa] might make me look bad. I don’t want to look bad [to Jess],” Colt worries, before bluntly telling Jess that Larissa was arrested three times for domestic violence. He does not explain his part in these arrests, however.

“She couldn’t control her anxiety or anger. I was so miserable, and ultimately I think she just wanted to use me. She just wanted to come to America and live her life,” he complains. Jess apologizes for what he had to go through, because he’s such a “good guy.”

“You’re free now,” she smiles. Colt is grateful for how supportive Jess is, and their budding relationship continues.

Paul & Karine Return

Legendary 90 Day alums Paul and Karine pack to leave their home in Brazil. He weighs luggage as their young son Pierre giggles, looking on. During last season of 90 Day Fiancé: The Other Way, Paul moved to Brazil so the family could stay there permanently. Yet after a year of struggling to find work, they have decided to return to his hometown in Kentucky.

Paul + Karine_90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After_TLC


Their tumultuous relationship has survived threats of divorce, cheating allegations, and now another international move. Karine will be in the U.S. on a spousal visa and already has her Green Card approved. She has never been outside of Brazil, and Paul explains she is thinking of their move as a “trial run” away from her family.

“There’s definitely a lot of pressure on me to make living in America work. Otherwise Karine is going to up and leave me and move back to Brazil,” he frets.

Lifestyle Change

Asuelu arrives to play volleyball with his friends. “I know that Kalani’s dad want me to stop playing and Kalani wants me to stay home, but this reminds me of home and it’s too important to stop going,” he explains to the camera. “She can take the man from the island, but she can’t take the island out of the man.”

Aseulu_90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After_TLC


Asuelu discusses maintaining his Samoan heritage while in the U.S. He hopes to return to Samoa soon to see his parents and sister. “I want to bring my kids to see where I was raised up and the lifestyle there. I want to be connected to my culture,” he says. It’s a matter of finances though, as Asuelu only currently works part-time.

Money Problems

Elizabeth is still frustrated with Andrei after his Moldovan wedding announcement at her father’s birthday party. Andrei apologizes to her in a confessional, and the two reconfirm their second wedding will be in just a month. “It’s all about us, remember? And your dad is going to pay for it,” he says as he kisses Elizabeth.

Elizabeth_90 Day Fiancé; Happily Ever After_TLC


She later goes to meet up with her sisters and convince them to attend the wedding. They do not have a venue or anything booked yet, only a tentative date to ask for her family to travel. Her sisters say Moldova is listed as one of the “scariest places on Earth,” with police and government corruption and tourist traps. Elizabeth’s siblings aren’t convinced Andrei actually even wants them there.

“Weddings cost money and we don’t have that right now,” Elizabeth states. So maybe wait until you do? Nope, she plans to charge on and ask her father yet again for financial support.

Strip Down

Larissa has officially applied for a Green Card on her own. Now she and her friend attend a pole dancing class. “Maybe I should get a job as a stripper. Why not?” Larissa probably jokes.

Larissa_90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After_TLC


Larissa lists the attributes of her perfect man, and her friend offers to set her up on a blind date. “I’m hoping for the man that I find to be very hot and also American,” Larissa sums up.

Doctor’s Diagnosis

Before her trip to Nigeria, 54-year-old Angela goes to the gynecologist to find out if her period means that she can tote an egg to have a child with Michael. The doctor explains she most likely is not having her period post-menopause and bleeding might be a sign of something wrong. Angela tells the doctor that during an ultrasound in Nigeria, a physician saw a single egg in her uterus so there was hope for a child. In fact, calmly says the gynecologist, that most likely was a cyst.

Angela_90 Day Fiancé; Happily Ever After_TLC


The doctor examines Angela and comes to a conclusion: “Your chances of getting pregnant on your own are essentially zero.” On top of that, Angela’s uterine lining needs to be checked for cancerous cells.

“That’s terrifying for anyone,” she says nervously.

Back to Syngin & Tania

South African native Syngin is loving life with wife Tania in Connecticut. Last season on 90 Day Fiancé, the couple struggled with communication issues. “It definitely was difficult in the beginning,” she confirms.

Tania + Syngin_90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After_TLC


Since their wedding five months ago, Tania was in a car accident and broke her foot. Before she was temporarily wheelchair-bound, they were planning on relocating to a warm-weather destination. Now due to insurance coverage and Tania’s physical therapy, the couple is staying in Connecticut…but at least moving out of her mother’s shed. “I’m just scared I can get stuck in Connecticut forever,” Syngin admits in a confessional.

He also has an expedited work permit, so he can now get a job in the U.S. Tania is out of work due to her injury, so he will be the sole earner. “It puts a lot of pressure on our relationship,” Syngin admits after Tania’s accident.

Controlling Colt

Colt meets some of Jess’ au pair friends. They ask him about his age, his divorce, living with his mother, and what his plans are for maintaining a long-distance relationship with Jess. In front of her friends, Jess confronts Colt about his “friend from the gym”—didn’t we just see Colt working out only at home last week?—named Vanessa. Jess is suspicious about why Vanessa keeps calling him.

This is Vanessa, so it seems Colt does have a type:

Colt + Vanessa_90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After


“I’ve been friends with Vanessa since I started going through my divorce with Larissa. We started talking online”—wait, hold up, so she’s not a friend from the gym. Stop lying, Colt—”Jess has never met Vanessa but she thinks I’m having an affair with her,” Colt states. He promised Jess he would stop talking to Vanessa, but then separately admits he has no plans to cease communication. He feels like he “has to lie” to Jess for the sake of their relationship. Anyone else have issues with this rhetoric?

Jess invites him to a “Brazilian party” with her friends, but Colt instead says he just wants a quiet last night at his hotel room so they can have sex. Her friends are not impressed with his reaction.

Axe Me A Question

Asuelu and Kalani have a date night, complete with red roses and a box of chocolates. He surprises her with an axe throwing activity. While she doesn’t think of it as romantic per se, they’re still having fun.

Kalani + Aseulu_90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After


Asuelu tells Kalani he wants to visit his family in Samoa and introduce them to their two sons. “What I’m worried about are the plane tickets alone will be like $3,000,” she states. “I just want to make sure that we don’t go there and spend everything we have, and then we come back and can’t pay the bills.”

In a confessional, she opens up about her relationship with his family. They apparently only contact Kalani if they want money, and while she sends some, it’s never enough to them. “They want an extreme. They want cows and multiple boxes of things. I’m not going to buy you a cow. I’ll buy you a pig or something but cows are fricking expensive!” Kalani explains.

She also is worried about Asuelu leaving her and the kids alone to see friends and family while in Samoa. Kalani tells him that if he basically ignores them while there, she has no problem flying back early. Overall, it looks like they will be traveling to Samoa soon though.

On Your Own

Paul FaceTimes with his mother. He asks if it would be OK if he, Karine, and Pierre stay with her when they arrive in the U.S. She says no for two reasons: one, the house is too small, and two, they both know Paul would never leave if they settle there first.

“You know Paul, you should have had a plan in place with how this is all going to work out,” his mother tells him. “I just wish you could get your life together.” She offers to pay for their hotel for the first few days after they arrive, but it’s up to Paul to make arrangements for their move.

Meanwhile, Karine also speaks to her mom, and the two say goodbye through tears. She breaks the news that Paul expects them to move to the U.S. indefinitely, but she’s still skeptical. “I feel sad leaving my mom but I have to go with my husband and give our family a better life,” Karine tells the camera.

Daddy’s Girl

Elizabeth cooks with her father Chuck and somewhat apologizes for Andrei’s outburst at the birthday party. She also explains there is a “deadline” for their wedding in Moldova so they can baptize their daughter Eleanor. Her father rightfully asks how they plan on paying for everything. Elizabeth takes this moment to ask him to foot the bill again.

“I knew it. I’m not surprised that he expects me to pay for the wedding….You’re just taking me for granted,” Chuck tells her, adding Andrei should have been the one to ask.

Elizabeth_90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After


Elizabeth tries to play both sides: assertive and entitled when she’s with Andrei, and then a supposed victim of his manipulation in front of her family. Cue up her tears with her father and crying about feeling “stuck in the middle.” Chuck immediately says yes to paying for the wedding in Moldova and that he just wants to see her happy.

“I Win”

Jess decides to go back to the hotel with Colt instead of attending the party. “I win,” he smugly says in a confessional. “I didn’t want to cave in just to make her happy. I did that with Larissa and ultimately that failed.” That’s not entirely what happened onscreen with Larissa, but whatever you say, Colt.

In the car, he lectures Jess: “You understand, your boyfriend came to Chicago to see you, not to party with your girlfriends.”

“Please, no control my life,” she says.

“It sounds like you just do whatever you want, whenever you want. You want some guy to be happy when you just go off and do whatever you want?” Colt cruelly responds.

“No, I want you to respect the difference,” Jess states.

Colt + Jess_90 Day Fiancé; Happily Ever After


“You should have your friends. I should have my friends. But there has to be a limit. You and I come first, always. That’s how a relationship works,” he concludes.

In a confessional, she privately explains her conflicting feelings. “I think Colt’s cool but Colt’s boring and doesn’t respect women,” she accurately sums up.

Colt also says Jess’ friends “interrogated” him and he should maybe interrogate her. “Maybe you have kids in Brazil!” he accuses her. He thinks that “everything has gone wrong now,” and yet they both go upstairs to his hotel room.

Fear of the Past

Syngin and Tania go to see her sister and her baby. Her sister asks about their job situation, and it comes out that during the work visa application, Syngin’s former boss for his South African bartending job claims he would drink on the job and throw chairs at customers. Tania worries that if he returns to the bar scene for work in the U.S. that he’ll drink more.

“Don’t act like my concerns aren’t valid. It’s kind of gotten a little worse since being in the United States,” she tells him.

Tania + Syngin_90 Day Fiancé; Happily Ever After


Apparently Syngin consistently drinks a lot. “I’ll have a f**king beer at 10 a.m. if I want to have a f**king beer at 10 a.m.,” he responds.

“But you always want to have a beer!” Tania says back. “I just don’t want this to be a repeat of the past. That’s it.”

“It’s frustrating to me that my own wife doesn’t take me seriously and thinks I’m going to screw up again,” Syngin states in a confessional.

Leaving Mom

Angela takes care of her mother Glenda, who has had cancer five times. Angela is worried about her upcoming exam and explains her recent doctor appointment. She also tells Glenda she’s getting married to Michael in Nigeria soon. “I got your blessing before I fly my a** back over there to get married,” Angela says.

Angela_90 Day Fiancé; Happily Ever After


While Glenda isn’t too keen on their wedding, she still gives Angela her approval. Angela also asks her mother to “stay alive” until she gets back.

Angela_90 Day Fiancé; Happily Ever After


“Is it worth leaving my mom, sick? She might not be here when I get back,” Angela tears up during a confessional.


Larissa finds out about Jess online, Elizabeth and Andrei tell his parents they’ll be back in Moldova soon, and Colt and Jess discuss their future.

Elizabeth_90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After


Kalani and Asuelu meet with a pediatrician to discuss vaccinations because of a measles outbreak in Samoa, plus Angela asks her daughter again to be a witness in Nigeria. Meanwhile, Paul and Karine have a rocky start to their time in America.

See you next week!

90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?, Sundays, 8/7c, TLC

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