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RHOP Stars Sound Off on Monique & Candiace’s “Shocking” Fight

“I’ve been at a place before on season three with Ashley. She really was just attacking my family and my life, and I was like, I never want to be around her. I was livid and adamant that I would never have anything to do with her. And then it was two weeks later and I’m in the same room with her, and we’re having a pow wow,” Robyn said. “So, things can be worked out, but this situation here is like so much deeper, it’s gotten really nasty. I think we’re going to have to see what these ladies will talk about at the reunion, and if people take accountability for their actions, if they have any type of remorse or if it’s going to be a whole lot of finger pointing. That’s going to be the telltale sign of whether we can get through it, if people can actually own their actions, and have some sort of remorse for them, because that’s the only way you get through it.

“Otherwise it’s like if you can’t own your actions, then how do we know this isn’t going to happen again. Like we really don’t want this to ever happen again. But if you can accept responsibility for your actions. Then, we’re not sure that this would never happen again. You know it’s going to take a good reunion to sort through all of it, and it’s not that a reunion can fix it all but at least show us that we’re making progress. It won’t be easy.”

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