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‘The Courtship’: Get To Know Heroine Nicole Rémy Ahead of Series Premiere

“Swiping is out. Courting is in.” That’s the motto for NBC’s The Courtship, debuting Sunday, March 6.

The new reality dating show combines The Bachelorette and Bridgerton to create its Jane Austen-inspired format. Leading lady Nicole Rémy will be courted by 16 suitors decked out in period garb with the hopes of finding love.

Rémy experienced unrequited love in her last relationship and is now ready to find her life partner. Leading up to the series premiere this Sunday, here’s everything you need to know about The Courtship‘s heroine and the members of her court.

The show aims to scrap modern dating all together and take viewers back in time to Regency-era England. And they’re not cutting any corners.

For starters, you’ve heard of Bachelor Mansion. Now, meet the Courtship Castle. Rémy, her court, and her suitors are staying at the picturesque Castle Howard in North Yorkshire, England. As part of the Regency-era etiquette, the ladies where gowns, the men wear pants, tailcoats, and ascots. And no one is referred to by their first names — it’s “Ms. Rémy,” to you.

The court itself is one aspect that sets The Courtship apart from other dating shows. Rather than meeting the parents near the end of the season like on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, Remy’s family is involved from day one.

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Rémy’s court consists of her parents, Dr. Claire Spain-Rémy and Claude Rémy, her sister, Danie Baker, and her good friend, Tessa Cleary. The court will help Rémy learn the suitors’ backgrounds and intentions, occasionally choose her date partners, and help her navigate the inevitable complications the competition will bring up. The support of the court is vital.

Rémy is a 26-year-old software engineer from Lakewood, Washington. She graduated from University of Southern California in 2018, where she was part of the USC Song Girls dance team. She now works as a coder for an app called Making, according to her Instagram.

(l-r) Nicole Remy, Claude Remy, Dr. Claire Spain-Remy

Before becoming a coder, she spent two seasons as a Sea Gal (now called the Seahawks Dancers) for the Seattle Seahawks, leaving the team in July 2020. Her departure may have been prompted by being cast in The Bachelor Season 25.

Rémy was cast in Matt James’ season of The Bachelor in October 2020, but she didn’t end up appearing in the show. Clearly, that worked out in her favor, because she’s now the star of her own brand new series.

“I haven’t been on reality TV before, but I can say that I am a sucker for reality dating shows,” she told The Seattle Times. “You name it, I have probably watched/binged it! In large part, this is because I am a hopeless romantic. I love seeing other people’s journey to find love, because it gives me hope that I will also find my person.”

The hopeless romantic in her is ready to find her life partner. And she explained why she thinks The Courtship‘s format will help her find it.

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“I love the Regency-era twist of the show because it allowed me to see different sides of these men, and how they define what treating a woman with respect is,” Rémy said. “Superficial swiping and potentially going on dates with guys based on physical characteristics alone wasn’t enough for me, because I need meaningful and real connections when I date.”

The Courtship, previously titled Pride & Prejudice: An Experiment in Romance, is hosted and narrated by Rick Edwards.

Sharon Levy, DJ Nurre, Michael Heyerman, Anthony Dominici, Shyam Balsé, Susy Price, and Andy Cadman executive produce.

The Courtship, Series Premiere, Sunday, March 6, 8/7c, NBC, Next-Day Streaming on Peacock

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