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‘Wheel of Fortune’: Confusing Puzzle Has Fans Demanding a Redo For Unlucky Contestant

Wheel of Fortune fans are demanding that Monday’s contestant Kennise Miller be given another shot at the Bonus Round following a confusing puzzle that may or may not have involved the rapper Yung Joc.

After bagging almost $30,000 in prize money and a vacation in Maui, Miller was faced with a “person” category in the Bonus Round. Unfortunately, Miller failed to solve the nine-letter puzzle, the answer for which turned out to be “Young Jock.” That’s when Twitter came alive.

Many assumed the puzzle was referring to the rapper Yung Joc, the artist behind the 2006 hit “It’s Goin’ Down” and current cast member on VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Except, if that was the case, the show massively bungled the spelling and unintentionally sabotaged Miller.

“It’s Yung Joc not Young Jock. She should have another shot,” wrote one Twitter user. “Why in the world would you even use the name and not research?”

Another viewer added, “You all cheated tonight bonus round contestants. His name is “Yung Joc” not “Young Jock”. C’mon guys!”

However, not everyone believed the answer was a reference to the Atlanta rapper, but some still had an issue with the puzzle itself. Many thought that “Young Jock” didn’t make sense as an answer to a “person” category, with others believing it to be an outdated term.

“YOUNG JOCK. As opposed to OLD JOCK…..What the heck is this. Who even uses this term anymore,” tweeted one viewer.

Whether the show meant Yung Joc or a young athlete, Williams is probably not losing sleep over it, as she still walked away with $28,200 and a trip to Hawaii in her future.

Check out more reaction to the controversial puzzle below.

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