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Opinion: America’s baby drought poses a risk to our prosperity and security

The COVID pandemic has hit women in the workplace hard. They serve in many public-facing positions that were at least…

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Where gold stands a year after hitting a record-high price

Nearly a year since gold marked its highest price on record, the precious metal has little to show for it.…

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Nasdaq 15,000 is near. Do I hear 30,000?

MARKETWATCH FRONT PAGE How the Nasdaq Composite could eclipse the Dow in points in 10 years. See full story. Investors…

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Opinion: As Congress clashes over borrowing and debt, gold is likely to beat stocks

Gold could receive a boost in coming days, while stocks could suffer, as investors focus on a matter they have…

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The FIRE movement confronts the 4% rule

Should you FIRE the 4% spending rule in retirement? My play on words refers to the “Financial Independence, Retire Early”…

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Your ultimate guide to tax-free holidays: when and where you can shop without paying sales tax in August

These tax-free shopping events can give strapped parents a little extra credit. As families and teachers are bracing for school…

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The next Barbie movie will be directed by Oscar nominee Greta Gerwig

Barbie’s next movie will have an Oscar nominee behind the camera: Greta Gerwig will direct and write the movie, which…

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Opinion: Here’s how the 6 Big Tech stocks now rank, from worst to first

There are a few different ways to define the most popular stocks on Wall Street. For some, it’s a quantitative…

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Opinion: Here’s your to-do list before the stock market’s next dive

After hibernating for months, the stock-market bears came out of their caves on July 19. That day, the Dow Jones…

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The national ban on evictions expires today. Here’s who’s most at risk

Rauf Karimov | iStock | Getty Images With the national eviction ban expiring today, Leopold expects he and his wife,…

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