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Here are 5 things to know before the April 18 federal tax deadline

Songsak Rohprasit | Moment | Getty Images This is an excerpt from the Personal Finance team’s weekly Twitter Space, “This…

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Social Security trust funds depletion date moves one year earlier to 2034, Treasury says

A Social Security Administration office in San Francisco. Getty Images The Social Security trust funds that about 67 million Americans…

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This tax move is a ‘game changer’ for freelancers and gig economy workers, advisor says

Marko Geber | DigitalVision | Getty Images If you’re a freelancer or contract worker, there are still ways to lower…

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With a recession looming, it’s an important time to have an emergency savings account, finance expert Suze Orman says

Suze Orman Nathan Congleton | NBC | Getty Images The recent failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank have…

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On ‘Ivy Day,’ college hopefuls hear from Harvard, Princeton — but here’s the school more students want to attend

March 30 is “Ivy Day,” when many Ivy League schools release those long-awaited admissions decisions. More than ever, acceptance into…

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Why you may be subsidizing a co-worker’s 401(k) fees

Hinterhaus Productions | Getty Images Workers who participate in a company 401(k) plan pay fees for a host of associated…

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4 red flags for an IRS tax audit — including what one tax pro calls a ‘dead giveaway’

Jeffrey Coolidge | Photodisc | Getty Images This tax season, there have been heightened concerns about IRS audits as the…

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How borrowers can keep their student loan payments on hold once bills resume

Riska | Istock | Getty Images Payments likely to resume within months The Education Department in November said student bills…

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Raise retirement age, or hike payroll taxes? New tool lets you decide how to fix Social Security

Mixmedia | Istock | Getty Images You may have heard that Social Security’s funds are running low. If that doesn’t…

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If you can’t make the tax deadline, here’s how to file a federal extension for free. ‘All it does is help you,’ says tax pro

Tax procrastination happens. But if you’re still missing key forms or feeling overwhelmed, you can buy more time by filing…

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